10 Awesome Things to do in Berlin

Inside the Reichstag's beautiful glass dome in Berlin

If you saw my Top 10 Awesome Things to do in Dubai post and said, “hey, that’s great and all, but I don’t have all the cash-monies for a five star trip to this desert utopia that you speak of”, then FEAR NOT my friends. My next post in our top 10 series is certainly more attainable on even the most modest of travel budgets. Hooray!

Berlin is an awesome city. It’s packed with history (which was my main interest, if I’m honest), culture and superb nightlife that’ll easily give you endless hours of enjoyment. Without further ado, here is my top ten awesome things to do when in Berlin.

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The Black Horse, Woburn: New Menu Review

Black Horse Woburn Eatery and pub in Woburn review

Have you ever had a bad day? I bet you have. Lost your keys, stepped on some lego, got a parking ticket that kind of thing, right? Well, try this one on for size; I know a girl, let’s call her ‘Sophie’, who works in marketing and she had a big launch that she was responsible for. It was the start of a big rollout so it was pretty important that everything went well. In the morning, she woke up early full of energy and passion for the day ahead and jumped in the car. The journey should have been a couple of hours or so and in her enthusiasm, she started to push it a little but unfortunately, she hit a pothole which turned her wheel egg shaped. Disaster. She was going to be late, but she can deal with that. One quick call and the recovery guys had picked her up and she was back on the road, without a car admittedly but they dropped her off at the venue and organised a rental for her to arrive later. Crisis averted? Well, not quite. The printers called to say that the card she wanted wasn’t available at the last minute, and it got later and later the launch got closer and closer but still no car… and then it started raining.

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Revolucion de Cuba, Milton Keynes: Review

Pork & Chorizo Quesadillas at Revolución de Cuba

Quesadilla. Guacamole. Mojito. Churro. Salsa. Burrito. Jalapeño. Daiquiri. Chimichanga. Enchilada. Margarita…

No, I’m not listing the names of my friend’s children. I’m listing my favourite food and drink from the Latin American region which just so happens to be my favourite cuisine.

I love the freshness, the vibrancy of colour and street-food nature of Latin American cooking and entertainment, add a little bit of rum into the mix and you’ve got yourself a cracking party. So you can imagine my excitement when the good people at Revolución de Cuba Milton Keynes invited me down to sample their new shiny menu and launch of their 2-4-1 offer on Burritos.

I was secretly as giddy as a school girl on lemonade, although being the cool-as-cucumber type of guy that I am, I refused to let this on.

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Wine tasting at the Old Thatched Inn, Adstock: Review

Wine Tasting, Old Thatched Inn

What is it about midweek drinking that seems like such a good idea at the time but which can so easily turn into the morning after sent directly from the crotchpocket of the Devil himself? I used to be able to to do it, I really did. I used to be able to shrug off a couple of three quid bottles of barrel scraped plonk that I picked up from the local petrol station before a nice little night cap of Asda own-brand whiskey*, then get up bright eyed and bushy tailed before breezing into the office without stinking like Father Jack after a particularly heavy session. But no more, and quite honestly I’m pretty glad about that because it means if I do deliberately choose to make myself feel like crap for a day or so, you’ll be damn sure I’ll do it in style.

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City Kitchen and The Chicken Katsu Curry: Review

Microwave Chicken Katsu Curry from City Kitchen

Disclaimer: now, this post may well make the ‘food elite’, Instagram plate-snappers and Twitterati turn their nose up. Clearly, there is no substitute for a freshly prepared at home meal, but sometimes convenience, time and lack of resource (and hunger) leads one to look outside the immediate culinary array of takeaway options. Sometimes, the easy (and tasty) options win.

Some of you may be aware that I’ve recently had a new kitchen put in, which rather obviously caused complete chaos… so much so that my kitchen/dining room resembled something out of a disaster movie.

Having exhausted invites to friend’s homes for dinner, ordered every takeaway-cuisine that Milton Keynes has to offer and quickly deciding that I had zero desire to return to my instant-noodle university days, I had more or less resigned myself to the fact that I was going to need to rely on the old trusted microwave to get me through.

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10 Awesome Things to do in Dubai

Dubai Marina and yacht

I’ll put it out there, I love Dubai.

I visited for eight nights and was utterly blown away, concluding fairly quickly that there really isn’t anywhere like it that I’ve been to before.

Whether you consider yourself a bit of a thrill-seeker, enjoy getting off the beaten-track to soak up a bit of heritage, or yearn to be pampered to high heaven amongst absolutely stunning surroundings, I’d say Dubai truly has something for everybody.

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How I learned to stop worrying and love Spotify

Spotify Premium review

I am not what you would call an early adopter. I am, in fact, the opposite of that person. I do love technology though and I used to spend hours messing about with the latest and greatest inventions, finding out how they work and working my way through all the intricacies. But as I’ve gotten older, my available time and hence my list of requirements from the technology that I use has grown shorter but more emphatic and it basically boils down to this: what ever it is should work and work easily. A fairly basic request you might think, but how many new devices or services have you plugged in or logged on to and realised that you have absolutely no idea how to do whatever it was that you bought it for in the first place?

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