Revolucion de Cuba, Milton Keynes: Review

Quesadilla. Guacamole. Mojito. Churro. Salsa. Burrito. Jalapeño. Daiquiri. Chimichanga. Enchilada. Margarita…

No, I’m not listing the names of my friend’s children. I’m listing my favourite food and drink from the Latin American region which just so happens to be my favourite cuisine.

I love the freshness, the vibrancy of colour and street-food nature of Latin American cooking and entertainment, add a little bit of rum into the mix and you’ve got yourself a cracking party. So you can imagine my excitement when the good people at Revolución de Cuba Milton Keynes invited me down to sample their new shiny menu and launch of their 2-4-1 offer on Burritos.

I was secretly as giddy as a school girl on lemonade, although being the cool-as-cucumber type of guy that I am, I refused to let this on.

Revolución de Cuba, Milton Keynes review
Revolución de Cuba, Milton Keynes

Revolución de Cuba flung open its doors in Milton Keynes a couple of months back with much fanfare, offering a little bit of Latin American cuisine and a more sophisticated cocktail scene to Milton Keynes that I think isn’t particularly well catered for beyond the likes of Las Iguanas or Turtle Bay, both of which I’ve had mixed experiences of in the past. Ever since, I’ve been keen to head on down and sample a cocktail or two at RdC.

Revolución de Cuba Milton Keynes bar and cocktails
The bar at Revolución de Cuba

Immediate impressions upon arrival were favourable. Whilst I popped in on a quiet Tuesday evening, an acoustic duo were already setup and playing live music giving a cool vibe to the place and happy hour was always in full swing. We were greeted by the lovely Hannah who took us to our table, who explained the new menu to us with great enthusiasm and knowledge, making several cocktail suggestions to start the evening off with – which, of course, I was happy to take a bet on.

Revolucion de Cuba: Cocktails

Most cocktails on the menu sat between a fairly reasonable £7.25 – £9.00 mark. What I liked most about Revolución de Cuba’s extensive cocktail selection however was the quirky presentation of the drinks, which appropriately vary per drink.

Taking Hannah’s suggestion of the Reggae Rum Punch (a blend of rums, black raspberry liqueur, orange, pineapple and lime) followed by the Madhatter (rum blend, pineapple, vanilla, passion fruit and lime), I was struck by the deliciousness of both cocktails – which I have to say went down a treat!

With Happy Hour sitting between 5-7pm promising 2-4-1 cocktails, this seemed excellent value and will certainly be something I look to return for with friends soon to kick-start an evening out in Milton Keynes.

Revolucion de Cuba: Tapas

Sharing freshly made tapas is a lovely way to build to a main meal, particularly with three dishes for £14. Again following Hannah’s advice, we went for the sticky chicken skewers, mojito battered prawns and pork & chorizo quesadillas, all of which were simply delightful. The quesadillas and battered-prawns in particular stood out for me, the latter served on a bed of fresh salsa which really was a taste sensation.

Revolución de Cuba nailed the opening course of tapas, bravo!

The main attraction – the Burrito at Revolucion de Cuba

I was excited about the burrito, particularly as it was the star-attraction on the day in question, the launch night of the new 2-4-1 Burrito promotion. With marinated chicken, shredded pork with pineapple salsa, mushroom or slow-cooked beef with chilli jam to choose from, it wasn’t an easy choice to make!

Burritos Menu at Revolución de Cuba Rum Bar and Cantina
Burritos Menu at Revolución de Cuba

After a bit of deliberation, I went for the 7-hour slow-cooked beef with chilli jam, with my guest going for the vegetarian-friendly mushroom, bean & spinach. Oh, and I went with a side of sweet potato fries because it’s always good to have some of those in your life.

Being completely honest, I was a little disappointed with the burritos – not because they were bad, far from it – I just felt they really lacked the flavour-punch that I had come to expect from the more-than-excellent tapas that they followed. Whilst beautifully presented, the beef was perhaps a little on the dry-side and there wasn’t much evidence of the chilli jam, so the rice, beans and cheese filling became the primary flavour, the same taste more or less than my fellow diner’s vegetarian burrito.

As a plus point, the accompanying sweet potato fries were really good (in a lot of places these end up soggy and limp) and the side portion of black beans and tortillas complemented the dish well, giving a nice earthy texture and flavour.

Revolucion de Cuba: Dessert

With a couple of tasty-sounding dessert options, churro cheesecake was what I really fancied. This selection was the best of both worlds, as I love churros (when in Rome Cuba…) and I love cheesecake; and the reality certainly didn’t disappoint. Rich and tasty, this was a most enjoyable way to round off the meal, regardless of how partial I normally am to the default and always-popular chocolate brownie that I deliberated at length over.

Revolucion de Cuba Milton Keynes: Review Verdict

Having travelled to a few places in Latin America (most recently Mexico), it’s unrealistic to expect chains such as Las Iguanas or Revolución de Cuba to serve truly authentic South-American food, but then I don’t think the vast masses want that as our Anglicised-view of this cuisine doesn’t quite meet the reality. What I can say is that dC Milton Keynes serves delicious, hearty Latin-American INSPIRED (there is a difference) food that ticks all of the boxes if you go with the right expectation. Putting it simply, I enjoyed the meal.

The warm, knowledgeable and friendly service, paired with a cool, vibrant atmosphere, delicious tapas and a great cocktail menu is definitely enough of a pull for me to return in the very near future… and I for sure want to explore the mains menu a little further, particularly the enchiladas and paella which are firm favourites.

With some tasty light-bites, adventurous cocktails and relaxed atmosphere, I see Revolución de Cuba as a great place to kick-off an evening in Milton Keynes and would absolutely recommend a visit if you’re yet to pass through their doors.

Now, time for another cocktail…

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