Affamato Pizza, Milton Keynes Review: A slice of heaven?

There seems to be a little bit of a food revolution going on in Milton Keynes – it’s never been a finer time to love good food and drink in the city town. Whether you love the gourmet BBQ offerings of our friends at UrbanGrilla or Percy’s, beautifully presented gastro pub-grub from the likes of the Black Horse in Woburn, enjoy the Michelin-starred creations of Paris House in Woburn or perhaps a local tipple from the Concrete Cow Brewery or Virtual Orchard, Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas are transforming into a foodie’s dream…. despite the five Nandos! 🙂

Local start-up Affamato is the latest food venture offering a point of difference to the good people of Milton Keynes, promising fresh and authentic Italian wood-fire oven cooked pizza delivered to customers’ doors. As a bit of a pizza-lover myself, this was one I was really looking forward to trying and given it was a Monday evening and found myself entertaining guests, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to give Affamato a whirl… not that I needed much in the way of an excuse.

Affamato prides itself on its approach to build-it-yourself pizzas, offering unlimited toppings (included in the fixed-price you pay) from a choice of over thirty ingredients on a choice of two freshly made bases, a standard 12” and a larger long 20”. Ordering online, I opted for a custom 20” meat-based pizza and two classic 12-inch pizzas from Affamato’s signature menu, marinated chicken, mozzarella, fresh baby spinach, slow roasted tomatoes and oregano (the Rustica).

Milton Keynes Takeaway Pizza Delivery Review

I was really impressed with the delivery process;  I found my takeaway order processed promptly and pizza delivered by a polite chap (at an acceptable temperature, I may add) in around 40 minutes, a great feat I thought considering I’m probably a good 10-15 minutes away from Affamato in Bletchley. The pizzas had traveled well and were boxed as you’d expect. The only irk I had whilst ordering was paying BOTH a card processing fee and a delivery charge. Whilst I accept the latter given my distance from Affamato’s base in Bletchley and recognise that businesses need to cover costs, I really dislike being charged for debit transactions generally, particularly as it is a primary source of payment nowadays. I’m sure I’ll get over it though…

Twenty inch Rustica pizza with marinated chicken, sausage, mozzarella and pepperoni
Twenty inch pizza with marinated chicken, sausage, mozzarella and pepperoni

Affamato Pizza under the spotlight

Despite my rather small grumble, first impressions of the pizza were extremely favourable, with many “aaahs” and “ooohs” from my guests as we opened up each box to reveal Affamato’s gourmet pizzas waiting patiently underneath.

First taste of a slice made it immediately obvious why there’s a real need for authentic traditional pizza like this in Milton Keynes; full of flavour and most importantly freshness, Affamato’s offering triumphed over the likes of Dominos with a real authentic gourmet pizza experience. Each slice was a delight, evident from the fact that four of us absolutely annihilated our way through the rather large quantity of food that I had ordered! It was, after all, for the purposes of a pizza review… right?

Marinated chicken, sundried tomato and baby spinach on a classic pizza base
Marinated chicken, sundried tomato and baby spinach on a classic pizza base

Affamato’s signature Rustica pizza (above) was by far the tastiest pizza, the sundried tomatoes and baby spinach, coupled with the light and crispy Italian base and rich tomato-sauce base gave each delightful bite a genuine freshness that you just don’t expect, or get generally, from a takeaway pizza.

Tasty fresh ingredients
Affamato use tasty fresh ingredients on their pizza

I’m not knocking the likes of Domino’s, Papa John’s, Pizza Go-Go, Pizza 123, Pizza Land, Pizza Pizza, Dave’s Pizza (ok, those last few I made up) – I am too, after all, a regular customer – but Affamato offers an authentic and gourmet take on pizza, made from high quality ingredients, that really separates it from the crowd. Milton Keynes has never had it so good.

We didn’t order any sides, but if the main event is anything to go by, I shall definitely be giving the dough bites, mozzarella sticks and chicken wings a go next time.

So, Affamato: Milton Keynes’ best takeaway pizza? Review verdict.

If you’re all about fresh ingredients, authentic Italian pizza and supporting local business, Affamato is unreservedly the best takeaway pizza that Milton Keynes has to offer and it’s a very welcome addition to the local Milton Keynes food scene.

It looks like I’m not alone in my verdict either, with fellow Milton Keynes food-bloggers and customers alike posting positive Affamato experiences too on channels such as Facebook and TripAdvisor too. It’s fair to say Affamato are very worthy of a positive review.

Oh, and I can also confirm it’s rather good cold the next day too, as I sit here munching on a slice the morning after…! It’s great to have Affamato bringing gourmet takeaway pizzas to Milton Keynes and I hope to see them go from strength to strength.

So there you have it. Quality gourmet takeaway pizzas. Great work guys!

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9 thoughts on “Affamato Pizza, Milton Keynes Review: A slice of heaven?

    1. Thanks for your reply on my review Jasmine! 🙂 Affamato is such a welcome addition to the Milton Keynes food scene, MK is long overdue something like this! Appreciate you stopping by!


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