Heavenly Blends, Milton Keynes Review: Supporting Local

There’s something really lovely about a cute little independent coffee shop. Somewhere to unwind, catch-up with good friends and enjoy honest homemade food. Sadly, due to the alarming growth of multi-national chains such as Starbucks, good independents are somewhat of a rarity in Milton Keynes – and that’s why I was so keen to head down to Heavenly Blends after stumbling across it on Twitter, particularly after spotting the promise of a thick American-style milkshake on the menu.

Edit 2017: sadly, the girls at Heavenly Blends have called it a day. This post will remain as an archive but please note the business is now closed.

Based in Grange Farm in Milton Keynes, owners Lisa and Debbie started Heavenly Blends earlier this year with a view of providing the community with an independent coffee shop, a quaint little social hangout with great service, food and coffee. As well as running the coffee shop with eat-in (including cooked breakfasts and afternoon tea) and takeout options, Lisa and Debbie also deliver sandwiches and lunchtime catering to local businesses, being freshly prepared for delivery as I arrived.

Heavenly Blends Milton Keynes: A latte and bacon sandwich

Rainy Monday mornings are the perfect excuse for a bacon sandwich and latte; I’m pleased to say that the latte was enjoyable, a deep-flavour indicating the use of well-sourced coffee. Actually, on that note I have to hand it to Heavenly Blends, the overall quality of the bacon sandwich was also good, the bacon crisp and thick and not at all like the cheap stringy-stuff you find at a greasy spoon, with lovely soft granary bread to match. I thought the early-bird pre-10.30am bacon roll and coffee for £4.25 was good value.

Heavenly Blends' coffee
Heavenly Blends’ coffee

Long-term, it would be lovely to see whether Heavenly Blends could perhaps partner up with a Milton Keynes bakery such as Woodstock Bakery in Stony Stratford to offer fresh bread and more local ingredients with their breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea offerings (think Jam Moo Kow and Virtual Orchard‘s apple juice as examples) to really champion the local community, but I can’t fault the current supplybase and reflective pricepoints.

It was most pleasant sat inside soaking up the atmosphere whilst listening to the rain outside; had I not had an afternoon of work planned (“working from home”), then I could have comfortably enjoyed a couple of hours with a good book there.

Heavenly Blends Mint Milkshake Milton Keynes
Heavenly Blends Mint Milkshake

Before leaving, I opted for a Heavenly Blends Milk Milkshake (for the road..!) from a menu of potential thick milkshake options, which I have to admit was absolutely delicious. A lovely little treat.

Supporting Heavenly Blends independent coffee shop, Milton Keynes

Having sampled several tasty items on the menu, enjoyed the atmosphere over a coffee and got a sense of the real passion Lisa and Debbie (who are lovely, by the way) have for their business and the community at large, I for one would love to see Heavenly Blends continue to thrive and wish all them all the best with the business.

Market conditions, soaring business rates and an endless supply of characterless chains in Milton Keynes make it hard for good independents like Heavenly Blends to survive – that’s why it’s vital that communities embrace assets like this on their doorstep. It’s all about ‘use it or lose it’. It’s a little tucked out the way in Grange Farm, but go and support them! Good food, good coffee and great friendly LOCAL service.

I’ll be back for another of those delicious milkshakes! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Heavenly Blends, Milton Keynes Review: Supporting Local

  1. Yeah Starbucks and other multi-national chains, affecting local coffee shops. But they are just fulfilling the demand. Point is large number of peoples avoide local café’s. I don’t know why, Even I personally like local café’s taste more than starbucks. May be Local café’s add some more love in my coffee. But Independent coffee store owners will have to think outside the box if they want to compete with the coffee giant’s evolving business.. My best wishes are with Lisa and Debbie.
    Brew some coffee and Enjoy.

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    1. For sure Abigail, you make a valid point – chains like Starbucks, Pret-a-manger, Cafe Nero, Costa etc are absolutely filling a demand, and there is no taking away that on the whole they and the coffee they serve isn’t half bad – in fact, working in London I do frequent a chain a few times a week.

      I think a lot of local cafes suffer as they simply do not have the expertise, or sometimes effort, to think creatively when marketing their business or providing good customer service. Fortunately, Heavenly Blends have a lovely community feel in Milton Keynes and really throw their passion into customer service.

      Thanks for your comment!


  2. Hey, thanks for joining us at #beechat – I think we broke Twitter as it won’t let us reply to anyone anymore, so we thought we’d stop by your blog and check it out!

    Welcome to the blogging community! You are so right about independent coffee shops – when we used to live in Sheffield, we would only go to the local ones, never Starbucks – there’s just something about them, you feel it, so personal!

    We’ve never been to MK but we’ll definitely put this on our bucket list!

    Jessica & James

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    1. Thanks guys! Finding independent gems like Heavenly Blends is always a joy because it means you really get a connection with what they are trying to achieve. Be sure to come back to us often because we’ve always got something on the go!

      I’m loving your blog as well, it’s got a great personality!

      Liked by 1 person

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