Honest Burger, Tottenham Court Road, London: An Honest Review

I love a good burger. In fact, it’s a great time to be a fan of the American fast food icon carnivore, with entrants like Byron, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Five Guys, Smashburger and London-centric establishments such as MEATLiquor and Patty & Bun roaring onto the fast-food-come-gourmet scene. There is now no-end of high-end restaurants to indulge in a gourmet burger, especially in London, and frankly I’m rather happy about this.

So when the good people of Honest Burger announced a new opening on Tottenham Court Road, just a stones-throw from my office in Central London, you can imagine my delight and excitement. I assure you it was akin to a puppy at Christmas.

Expectations were high, especially after a previous visit to the original Honest Burger in Brixton – not to mention the huge queues down Tottenham Court Road which followed their opening just over a week ago..

Honest Burger, Tottenham Court Road Review

Initial impressions of the new restaurant were positive; the team at Honest Burger have done a good job replicating the vibe and atmosphere of the original Honest Burger in trendy Brixton into this metropolitan Tottenham Court Road location. The place felt clean and relaxed.

Honest Burger Tottenham Court Road menu
Honest Burger Tottenham Court Road menu

Regular Honest Burger goers will recognise the house menu and specials that they’d be familiar with from other locations; chicken, beef and vegetarian preferences all well catered for.

I started proceedings with some onion rings; not having had these at Honest Burger before, I was expecting something similar to what typically arrives at most food-joints…. lifeless, over-battered and tasteless onion rings. HOWEVER, these onion rings knocked my socks off, fresh and well-seasoned, they went down a treat with my colleagues and I.

Honest Burger Onion Rings
Honest Burger Onion Rings

Honest Burger: Cheeseburger & Rosemary Fries

Socks back on, it was time for the main event. Keeping things simple, I went for the classic cheeseburger which arrived with rosemary fries.

Cheeseburger and rosemary fries at Honest Burger
Cheeseburger and rosemary fries at Honest Burger

I ordered my cheeseburger to arrive medium – a little pink in the middle. What arrived was, after a bite, arguably much more on the rare side. However, I didn’t care; this was by far the best burger I’ve had in the UK by a country mile. And then some.

A soft and slightly sweet brioche bun, a mouthwatering well-seasoned patty oozing with beefy goodness and relish, complemented by rich mature cheddar cheese. Juicy, tasty and beefy, Honest Burger’s take on the cheeseburger is simply delightful. There are certainly no shortcuts or penny-pinching in sourcing rare breed aged beef that goes into Honest Burger’s patties. So, so good.

The fries seasoned with rosemary salt accompanying the cheeseburger were also good, although I would perhaps cut back on the volume of salt as I personally found this a little too much – however, I do tend to lean on the less-is-more on the salt front and suspect this isn’t so much of an issue for regular diners. Nonetheless, the baseline fries were well cooked and very enjoyable.

Honest Burger Tottenham Court Road: Review Verdict

Well, do I really need to summarise? What. A. Burger. Oh my.

Honest Burger continues to go from strength to strength and having preserved and successfully replicated the atmosphere, food and easy-but-friendly customer service of where it all started back in Brixton Village in this new opening at Tottenham Court Road, I’m really not surprised. The chaps that founded Honest Burger deserve their success.

Get yourself down to an Honest Burger ASAP. Trust me, it’s so worth it.

Additional note: it’s only fair to point out for review transparency purposes that the Honest Burger Cheeseburger was complementary thanks to an opening promotion, however the remaining elements of my meal (onion rings and drink) were paid for out of my own pocket.

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