Wrapchic Indian Burrito London Goodge Street Review

Lunching at Wrapchic, Goodge Street London

Lunch time. A sea of blandness, beige and Sainsbury’s meal deals. Stodge.

I’ve recently started branching out and seeking sensibly priced grab-and-go alternatives to the endless drivel of lunchtime packaged sandwiches, discovering a whole new world of quality and flavoursome food at establishments across London (predominantly Fitzrovia) like the Bang Bang Vietnamese Canteen on Warren Street.

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MK Feast Burger at Milton Keynes food festival Bradwell Abbey

Local grub at the MK Feast, Bradwell Abbey in Milton Keynes

Hot on the heels of our recent Deliveroo coming to Milton Keynes post, with some corporate stuff out the way, we feel that it’s about time for us to return to what we’re all about and love… local artisan food and drink.

Regular readers of Two Men About Town (TMAT) will know that we love the Milton Keynes food scene; whether it’s exploring new ventures such as Taco Shack Milton Keynes, new pizzeria Murati’s in Wolverton, Affamato Pizza, community cafe Heavenly Blends… or more well known but no less special haunts such as The Swan at Salford, The Black Horse in Woburn or Percy’s BBQ Takeaway, we’re blessed in the city town with a bursting melting-pot of fantastic local business offering home-cooked and locally-sourced grub.

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Deliveroo takeaway delivery Milton Keynes review

Deliveroo and Jamie’s Italian, Milton Keynes; a review?

You know what? I fancy a take away tonight. You probably do too but then comes the age old question; curry, Chinese, pizza or kebab? If you think about it a bit more, you might come up with a couple of other options; Thai, or BBQ maybe but what you really want is a plate of pasta or chicken from your favorite restaurant. But the truth is that you can’t be bothered to go out and they don’t deliver… or do they?

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Pizza at Murati's Pizzeria Wolverton Hand Car Wash, Stratford Road Milton Keynes

Pizza from a Wolverton hand car wash.. you’re joking, right? Muratis Pizzeria

Stratford Road, Wolverton is hardly a go-to of high-end gastronomic delight; Dixy Chicken, Silver Sea Chinese, Al Kebab Hut but to name a few. Oh, and a rather run down (but admittedly good) hand car wash and a petrol station. Not then a likely location then for a new (and credible) authentic family-run pizzeria.

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10 Amazing things to do in Canada that aren’t skiing

Skiiing is fun, don’t get me wrong. But Canada is big. Really, really, really big and it’s got so much more going on in every season that doesn’t involve strapping yourself onto two giant lolly sticks and pushing yourself off the side of a mountain. So if you’re a little overwhelmed with the place, need a few suggestions about what to do and where to go that isn’t skiing and that won’t disappoint, take a look at a few of these tips from Mrs P and I.  They certainly aren’t exhaustive but you can be damn sure you won’t regret doing them.

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The Maytime Inn, Asthall; Review

As quintessentially British as a bowler hat in the rain, the Maytime Inn sits proudly at the centre of the smallest village I’ve ever seen. It seems to be becoming a bit of a habit now that Mrs P and I are asked to go and offer our totally unwarranted opinion on the merits or lack-thereof of these little pockets of English heritage and so it was that we were called back to the Oxfordshire countryside for another testing evening, although why all these people want to hear what I think is still beyond me!

Still, never one to disappoint, I have to say that first impressions of the Maytime, were impeccable. I would not have asked for a better evening as the sun beamed down and winding our way down the absurdly small lane leading us into the village actually felt like we were driving into pub perfection – hills and fields on the right, quaint little cottages on the left and a beer garden that smelled of mint and rosemary in the afternoon heat.

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