Taco Shack Mexican Street Food, Milton Keynes: Review

As a foodie, there are three things in particular that get me excited. “What are they?” I hear you ask… well my friends, let me share them with you:

  1. Local food and independently run business; I love the passion, the story behind the people that make the business tick and the obvious graft that goes into making something work.
  2. Street food in all is guises. It’s unapologetically messy, it’s sociable and its fun. Nothing better than grabbing something delicious with a bunch of friends in the sunshine with a cold beverage in hand.
  3. Lastly.. Mexican cuisine. As I referenced in my recent Revolucion de Cuba Milton Keynes review, I enjoy the flavours and ingredients. They’re fresh, vibrant and exciting. I’m also rather partial to salsa, guacamole and nachos.

If you haven’t already guessed, I was rather looking forward to trying out the very latest entrant to the ever-growing Milton Keynes food scene, Taco Shack. Popping over to Wolverton on a sunny Thursday evening, I found the chaps parked up in their new pitch just outside of the Co-Op and Agora Shopping Centre. It was time to get eating. Oh boy!

Taco Shack's Robin and Charlie Milton Keynes
Taco Shack’s Robin and Charlie

Founded by Robin and Charlie, Taco Shack is all about fresh, vibrant and healthy Mexican street food, cooked with quality ingredients for local people. Serving from a little food truck, the guys have a regular pitch near me in Wolverton but are a regular part of the Milton Keynes food scene, taking part in various food fayres and the like.

Taco Shack menu and van Milton Keynes
Taco Shack menu and van

Starting proceedings the only way I really now how, we ordered up some nachos; Charlie got to work, proudly informing us that the nachos were homemade, fried only a few hours previously. The nachos were dressed with pineapple and pork, with some delicious nacho cheese sauce, guacamole, sour cream and salsa… which was delightful. The pineapple and pork in particular was packed with flavour, working so well with the nachos. Mouthwatering stuff.

Next up was the burritos. Oh my goodness.

With the intention of trying a chunk of the Taco Shack menu, I went for the beef chilli taco and split this with my co-diner, in turn getting their half of the chilli lime chicken burrito. Eating with me isn’t just a joy for my company. Oh no. You get to share your food with me too. Lovely, hey?

Taco Shack Additions Milton Keynes
Taco Shack Additions

We went for everything apart from the jalapenos, and Charlie once again got to putting together our burrito order.

Taco Shack Burritos
Taco Shack Burritos

The chilli beef burrito and chilli chicken burrito (the latter probably our favourite) were both awesome and incredibly filling; the refried beans reminded me just like the proper stuff I tried on my recent trip to Mexico. Both burritos were well constructed and in a thick wheat flour tortilla, the ingredients sat within clearly of high quality and all rather quite pleasant. A tip of the hat to Taco Shack, a top effort.

Taco Shack Root Beer Milton Keynes
Taco Shack Root Beer

I’m also a huge fan of Root Beer – it’s probably not to everybody’s taste – but it’s worth noting that they serve the proper stuff, A&W. Delicious and the perfect way to wash down the nachos and burritos.

Taco Shack Milton Keynes

With the huge explosion of quality food arriving in Milton Keynes, whether it’s takeaway options like Wrap it and Run, Percy’s and Affamato gourmet pizza, or street-food options like Jeff the Chef or Good Times Cafe, it’s fantastic to see Taco Shack arrive on the local food scene.

As per my conclusions on my recent Milton Keynes community cafe Heavenly Blends post, businesses like Taco Shack are a huge asset to the local area and should be welcomed with open arms. Enterprises like this are very dependent on local people coming out to support them. If you’re finding yourself at a loose end or scratching your head whilst wondering what to do about dinner, think about these guys before you perhaps pick up the phone to multinational pizza takeaway company or one of MK’s many chain restaurants. Go for something a bit different and get yourself down to Taco Shack.

It’s really evident that the chaps put their heart and soul into this business, and it was awesome chatting to them over a burrito (and a delicious Root Beer) on a glorious Thursday evening. The food was fresh, great quality and really quite tasty.

I understand that Taco Shack will soon be found in Shoreditch on a Saturday, but will of course continue to be a part of the Milton Keynes food scene and will remain at their Wolverton pitch on a Friday evening, notwithstanding of course attendance at events taking place in and around Milton Keynes. I wish them all the best with the business and will be back soon for another burrito, nacho, taco… you get the idea.

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