Lunching at Wrapchic, Goodge Street London

Lunch time. A sea of blandness, beige and Sainsbury’s meal deals. Stodge.

I’ve recently started branching out and seeking sensibly priced grab-and-go alternatives to the endless drivel of lunchtime packaged sandwiches, discovering a whole new world of quality and flavoursome food at establishments across London (predominantly Fitzrovia) like the Bang Bang Vietnamese Canteen on Warren Street.

Wrapchic Goodge Street, London review
Wrapchic Goodge Street, London

Strolling down Goodge Street during today’s sunny lunchtime, I found myself gravitating towards a man with food. Not just any man with food – not after the last time, the police have warned me about that. No, this man was from a food establishment, liveried up whilst handing out samples, which I gladly took and consumed. Don’t let anybody tell you not to take food from strangers.

I sampled a cocktail stick of Paneer Masala (Indian soft cheese with tava spice in a tikka sauce) and Chicken Rajasthani (mint and coriander chicken with a mint chutney); both samples were a taste sensation. With money in hand and hunger to satisfy, I concluded I’d been won over with free food (a recurring theme) and it was time to get a more healthy quantity.

Opting for the Paneer Masala in burrito form with brown flavoured rice, beans, salad and mango chutney, I was immediately impressed as it was crafted and assembled in front of me. On first taste the masala complemented by the mango chutney was delightful, the soft paneer cheese a wonderful inclusion all nestled together in a soft white flour tortilla. Despite wearing a  white shirt, a potentially hazardous combination with anything curry-based, I made short work of the burrito and concluded that I thoroughly enjoyed Wrapchic’s fusion offering; admittedly the concept of Indian-Mexican fusion is a new one on me, but it really works. Fresh, tasty and clearly a vast improvement over my usual lunchtime sandwich.

Unbeknown to me at the point of consumption, my blogging partner-in-crime RobsRibs visited a Wrapchic on it’s opening in Milton Keynes before he saw the light and blogged with me on his old blog, reaching a very similar verdict in that, for it’s price, Wrapchic isn’t a bad shout. It’s for sure a very pleasant lunchtime option.

Readers of Two Men About Town (TMAT) will know that I’m quite discerning of burritos and Mexican food in general (see my Revolucion de Cuba Milton Keynes review), so all pleasantries considered, it would seem I’ve found another and downright delightful alternative to my beige lunchtime supermarket sandwich.

Good work people of Wrapchic.. I shall be back.

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