Wrap it and Run Breakfast Delivery, Wolverton Milton Keynes Review

Wolverton in Milton Keynes is seemingly becoming the jewel in the crown of the MK independent food-scene; whether it’s Japanese kitchen Akasaka, the new Turkish Antep Kitchen, Murati’s Pizzeria or street-foodies UrbanGrilla or Taco Shack (but to name a few), there are plenty of tantilising culinary delights available to residents of West Milton Keynes.

Despite all of this growth, there remained a real gap in regards to a strong weekend home-delivered breakfast offering, which up until a matter of five weeks ago remained (largely) unfulfilled. But that, as you might have guessed, has just changed. Founded by a husband and wife team who wanted to have a crack at fulfilling this demand, Wrap it and Run was born.We have ourselves a revolution people.

Wrap it and Run, Milton Keynes

I came across these guys following a leaflet-drop a few weeks ago and decided to give them a go as I loved the sound of the Big Boss Wrap; a twelve-inch soft tortilla wrap, an eggy omelette, pork sausage and two rashers of smoked bacon (with optional beans and mushrooms). With a choice of apple or orange juice and priced at £4.50 delivered, this seemed to be really good value and definitely worth a shot on a Sunday morning.

After a painless and chirpy telephone order this morning, my order was placed, cooked and at my door in a rather impressive eighteen minutes (arriving piping hot), I was thoroughly impressed, perhaps even more so when I unwrapped my order to take a look at Wrap it and Run’s offer…

Breakfast Wrap it and Run delivery
Breakfast Wrap it and Run order

Oh babbbyyyy….

The tortilla wrap was soft. The bacon, sausage and signature eggy omlette were gorgeous. It was entirely evident that good quality ingredients had been sourced, no corners cut here. Together, the Big Boss Wrap was really tasty and a perfect quantity for breakfast, even with my gargantuan appetite. Good value, great taste. Impressive.

If I was being critical, the only thing I felt was missing and could be an improvement comparing against other breakfast wraps (think McD), would be added cheese to give the wrap a punchy flavour, bringing it all together. HOWEVER, I later discovered that Wrap it and Run do offer added Red Leicester or Cheddar for an additional 50p, which had I been aware of at the time of ordering, would have been all over like a rash. Still, there is always next time (like I need much of an excuse…). Regardless of this, it was still a very good showing, *especially* for a mere £4.50 with drink included.

Wrap It and Run

Wrap it and Run currently deliver to areas such as Wolverton, Stony Stratford, New Bradwell, Fullers Slade, Greenleys and Blue Bridge but it’s only a matter of time before their business expands and takes on a larger area across Milton Keynes. Wrap it and Run tell me their long term dream is to expand beyond breakfast and perhaps even open up a full-time premises somewhere, which would certainly be fantastic to see.

I’m all about local and based on this very favourable experience will now replace my occasional McDonalds breakfast-run with a Wrap it and Run order in future (and that’s saying something, I love McD’s hash browns); considerably better and tastier, it really isn’t a contest as to who I would rather spend my cash-monies with. I look forward to my next order and if you happen to be located in their delivery area, I would strongly urge you to give them a go yourself.

Order from Wrap It and Run on 07541331758 or check out their website.

EDIT December 2016: several months after posting this review, I am hooked. RobsRibs and I recently had a big night in and these guys kindly sponsored us, I can confirm the third and forth wraps have been just as good as the first. You seriously need to check this out…

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