Dancys – a sock review

Now, isn’t this just the strangest post you ever thought you would see here? I still can’t believe it myself. Dancys is the sort of Fashion brand that puts the hip into Hipster and does it in all it’s massive bearded, skinny jeaned glory. So why on Earth are they talking to us? The truth is, that while Suburban Gent and I like to believe that we have a certain classic suited, shiny oxford wearing and clipped haircut sporting kind of style, Fashionistas or trend setters we are not (edit from SG: speak for yourself, Rob!). Dancys clearly had our number then because when looking through their growing range of high fashion ties (in both standard and bow variety) or ‘pocket squares’ (hankerchiefs to you and me), they decided to send us some… socks.

Good shout Dancys because a man can never have too many good quality socks amIright? In the incredibly grateful spirit of receiving a decent freebie then, never let it be said that TMAT shies away from a review. So hang on to your hats, here we go:


Dancys have essentially got four types of sock on offer and we received two to test; your thin, feels like you’re wearing a warm cloud on your feet kind of sock, and the chunkier Alpaca wool, as soft as strapping a dozen sleeping baby kittens to your foot kind of sock. Both are available in a number of colours and designs, and both are available in medium or large sizes.

Dancys Socks
Dancys Packaging

As you would expect I spent some considerable time in the presence of both types of sock and to my great delight, their performance was exemplary. Also, wearing them made me feel like I had sneaked into high fashion photoshoot, and I found myself pausing most of my conversations to try and showcase my ankles. I even attempted to wear them with my sandals to allow people to fully appreciate them before Mrs P rugby tackled me to the ground before I could reach the front door. The socks are all hand-made in GB which is genuinely awesome to know, and they all felt outrageously comfortable and looking at the cost of them they should.

As with all the best things in life, good products cost good money and at Dancys, that’s no exception – these things are not cheap, the alpaca are 15 quid a pop! But the thinner, ribbed style was honestly as light as wearing socks made of unicorn sighs, just a lot softer. They cling to the leg like they’re painted on which is a bit odd but you soon get used to it. The Alpaca wool by contrast is a deep, soft sleeping bag for your foot, which is bad news if you decide to wear them during one of the hottest days of the year, like someone I know. Just saying.

So after thorough product testing and to complete the complete sock cycle, I needed to clean them. It soon became clear why there is a long running understanding in my house that I cannot be trusted with nice things. Because take it from me when I say that you really have to be careful how you wash these. Wool wash all the way people – these are not socks you can wash in with your standard scrundies.

For a perfect case in point I would ask you to consider the unfortunate end of my pink pair (as seen in the photo at the top of the page ). They couldn’t take the rough housing involved of the standard Family P wash and had to be humanly put down to avoid further suffering. This decision was made very quickly after my Mum couldn’t help herself mentioning: “not content with letting nature take it’s course, we now actively trying to look like a tramp are we dear?” Thanks Mum. I have to take full responsibility for this however because on closer inspection the wash instructions are clearly visible on the back of the pack which in my haste to wear the socks, I had simply discarded. A valuable life lesson to be learned there I feel.

In all fairness, it seems that there is only so excited you can get about socks and I hit that peak fairly early. However, all credit to Dancys because they certainly are making the most of it and if you are/fancy yourself as/need to buy a present for someone who is, a dedicated follower of the cutting edge of fashion then you can do a lot worse than checking them out here. They do make for some awesome gifts in that fancy box too.


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