Philips OneBlade Review – the new way to trim, edge and shave?

As a chap who likes to rock a bit of stubble or even a beard from time to time, let me tell you – it’s a minefield finding a good trimmer that cuts the mustard, or in this instance, a bit of fuzz. Finding something good to help provide shape or tidy the edges of stubble or a beard is perhaps just as tricky.

As a long-term user of the BaByliss I-Stubble Trimmer, tipped as one of the better trimmers on the market, I’ve grown increasingly frustrated with patchy stubble and concluded that I was just going to have to settle and make do with disappointing results. However, a few months ago something caught my eye – no, not THAT cracking scene from Layer Cake with Sienna Miller* (although…!) – no, the good people at Philips launched a brand new grooming product, the Philips OneBlade. I threw caution to the wind and splashed out.

Philips OneBlade Review

There are a few models available but I went for the Philips OneBlade QP2530 from Boots; this comes with one replaceable OneBlade blade and four clip-on stubble combs, covering 1mm, 2mm, 3mm and 5mm lengths which should cater for the majority of gentlemen. At just short of £30 (on offer at Boots at the time of purchase), I thought this was a great little buy, assuming of course that it would stand up to the task at hand.

I like the look of the OneBlade; unlike a lot of shavers on the market, it’s nicely designed, fits nicely in the hand and is light. It feels like a well designed premium product.

Initial impressions from using the OneBlade have been favourable; the smaller shaving head means that it’s easier to get a more precise finish when tidying up stubble, and the product is so light that it’s really easy to use, far easier than the I-Stubble it’s replacing. Most trimmers are so large that it’s actually really hard to see what’s going on, but the nimble little OneBlade contours nicely to the face giving great viability to what’s going on underneath. The OneBlade also cuts hairs in both a back and forth motion thanks to the way the blade is designed, meaning those problem areas to trim, such as the neck or jawline, become significantly easier to tackle.

OneBlade is easy and comfortable to use
OneBlade is easy and comfortable to use

The Philips OneBlade head is roughly the same size as a Gillette razor blade, but is completely smooth to the touch; what sits behind the shield is an oscillating blade that effortlessly cuts hair as it glides along, reducing those nicks you get from most trimmers. What I liked about the replaceable blade in particular is that it has been specifically designed to reduce irritation caused by plastic or metal guards as seen with traditional trimmers, which I have to admit is something I have suffered with in the past – but not with the OneBlade. Oh no my friends.

As I like to switch up a dry shave with a stubble trim in the shower (because I’m a wild and unpredictable kind of guy), not to mention rinsing it under the tap at the end of use, the fact that the OneBlade is fully waterproof is also big plus for me.

Philips OneBlade shaver is fully waterproof
Philips OneBlade is fully waterproof

Philips OneBlade Review Verdict

I am thoroughly impressed. The Philips OneBlade is a bit of a game-changer in the beard trimming and shaving world; it’s easy to use, great at what it does and causes far less irritation on my skin than other rival products I’ve used over the years. The disposable blades that need replacing every four months might become a bit expensive over time, but I believe it’s perhaps a reasonable trade-off for a fairly solid trimmer that gives accurate results and clean stubble lines.

I’m not sure how effective this might prove for gents with thicker beards, but I shall perhaps revisit this mid-winter if I end up rocking a bit of a beard. In the interim, my stubble-game is definitely going to be on point thanks to this little beauty…

Philips suggest in their marketing that the OneBlade is the “new way to trim, edge and shave” and I have to admit that I am, at least based on initial impressions, in full agreement. Paired with some good skincare products and good fragrance, I’m good to go.

* I do love Sienna Miller and will find any and every opportunity to shoehorn in this reference into future posts. You’re welcome.

See the Philips OneBlade for yourself…

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