Win: Lavazza Jolie Coffee Machine with Two Men About Town! *Updated*

It’s good to have friends, and it’s even nicer to have friends who give you free stuff. Recently, we’ve been introduced to some lovely people over at Lavazza by our new friends at who invited us for a day out at Ascot to take a look at their new coffee machine, the Lavazza Jolie. Naturally, Suburban Gent and I thought it would be rude not to take a closer look at any device named after our favourite pouty-lipped, round-bootified, recently single seductress (I am unashamed to confirm that as a growing boy I had a picture of her as Lara Croft pinned to the inside of my wardrobe). Plus, I know that the ladies love any excuse to put on a new dress and so we were committed. I only hoped I could keep The Child and The Child’s sister from eating all the free cake.

Lavazza brings Coffee Cocktails to the races

Despite Lavazza putting on a coffee brewing masterclass for their attending visitors, the M25 being the carpark it usually is, we missed it. So we were forced to console ourselves while enjoying the A-class view from the King Edward VII lounge, sipping on a couple of espresso martini’s and having a small flutter on some horses with amusing sounding names.  Then we reminded ourselves that this was work and as such, there was some serious work to be done.

But who were we really kidding?  I already know that Lavazza make great coffee, you probably already know that Lavazza make great coffee, so other than a great excuse to get dressed up and indulge the kid’s passion for horses, why on earth did we go? Well, consider this your lucky day because we drove all the way down to Ascot and took this one for the team to bring you our first giveaway. That’s right – this time, we are the friends with the freebie!

Competition time: all about the coffee…

WIN a brand new Lavazza Jolie Coffee Machine (Lime)
WIN a brand new Lavazza Jolie Coffee Machine (Lime)

BEHOLD! A brand spanking new Jolie coffee machine resplendent in lime, can be in your (yes, your!) kitchen. You too can experience the pleasure of offering your guests a blue, green or maybe even orange coffee pod and watching them as they sip away claiming ‘Mmm, this is the best coffee I’ve ever had’. Never again will you have to resort to the jar of instant disappointment that sits in your cupboard waiting to fill your mug with bitterness and regret.

Instead, you will be using the Jolie which, we are reliably informed, is Lavazza’s quietest coffee machine to date. Be assured that it will intrude no more than a comforting hum into your hang-over befuddled morning haze. With it’s groundbreakingly innovative and easy to use push-button technology and low number of options, it will provide the highest quality coffee with a minimal amount of confusion and the lowest possible effort. Plus, the classically cutting edge design gives you all the coffee machine style your minimalist Scandinavian breakfast bar can handle; score!

There are no attachments to break, or problematic filters to replace. Simply place your cup, open the pod holder, choose your pod (from the many and varied options available to you from any reputable and expensive specialised coffee emporium), place the pod inside the Jolie, close the pod holder, push the button, wait, wait some more, remove the cup and you too will be enjoying a fresh espresso/latte/Americano/mocha/other caffeine related beverage of your choice. Mmmmmm, coffee.

Hop on over to our just launched competition page, take a look at the details and you can be brewing some premium roast in no time.

This presentation was brought to you by RobsRibs, in association with Lavazza. And Ascot. They let anyone in these days don’t they?

The competition has now closed and huge congratulations to all the lucky winners!


Lavazza Jolie Coffee Machine Competition
Lavazza Jolie Coffee Machine Competition


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