Top (simple) Grooming and Skincare Tips That Make a Difference

You may have seen my recent post on style tips for the workplace; well, next up in my series of posts focusing on men’s style, grooming and body confidence is a piece sharing top grooming and skincare tips, this one in collaboration with Panasonic.

So, without further trepidation, here is my top male skincare and grooming tips…

Grooming: A good multi-groomer for Manscaping

First things first chaps; you need to find a trimmer that you’re comfortable with and trust to help you maintain your beard / stubble / body hair; this Panasonic mens beard trimmer (ER-GB80 Multi-Groomer) is a great example of a great high precision beard, body and hair trimmer that should be the cornerstone of your grooming regime.

The catchy ER-GB80 is pretty nifty (yeah, nifty) at giving a clean cut, the supplied attachments (1-10mm and 11-20mm) make it easy trimming to a desired length, whether it be maintaining a five o’clock shadow or a rugged beard. Oh and gents, Panasonic also throw in a washable body comb attachment in the box which allows for worry free trimming of the more delicate areas (no ouchies here), which you may choose to keep in-check.

Whatever you opt for, a quality manscaping trimmer should help you keep everything neat and tidy. Stray hairs, be gone! David Gandy eat your heart out.

Skincare: Love your skin!

A lot of chaps overlook taking care of their skin, but taking some care with a simple but effective skincare regime can avoid dryness, blemishes and aging.

Starting the day with a gentle warm wash and cleanser will help wake your skin up after a night of rest (particularly if you’re planning on shaving too), washing away the nasty natural oils that can clog pores and cause blemishes. Exfoliating with a facial scrub every couple of days as part of your routine will also help wonders, leaving the skin brighter and healthier as a result.

My blogging partner-in-crime RobsRibs regularly asks how I maintain my chiseled and youthful looks (yes, really). My answer? Moisturising. Put simply, it keeps skin looking fresh, minimises aging and wrinkles by retaining elasticity and prevents excess oil production.

I’ve grown quite partial to Kiehl’s as a brand that put together good skincare products as outlined above, although I’ve recently stumbled across the chaps at The Bluebeards Revenge; a standalone review on one of their gift boxes is due shortly, however the quality of their products are far superior over run-of-the-mill supermarket brands, well worth a small investment. There’s a top tip for you. You are welcome.

Skincare: Hydrate and rest!


Your skin is in many ways a reflection of your diet, particularly how naturally hydrated you are; not only does drinking plenty of water keep you hydrated, but it also helps flush out nasty toxins from the skin. Similarly, a good night’s sleep is an essential, time for skin to repair and rest.

Grooming: Find your signature scent

Finishing off your grooming regime with a quality fragrance; as highlighted in my recent style tips for the workplace post, I like a variety of fragrances such as Chanel Bleu de Chanel and Lancôme’s Hypnôse Homme. The best thing to do in finding your fragrance is to get to your nearest department store such as John Lewis or Debenhams and work the fragrance samples until you find something you like; alternatively, you might want to give the Secret Scent Box a go, which we recently reviewed.

So… it’s all in the detail

Good grooming and skincare really go hand-in-hand. Think immaculate personal hygiene. A delicious complimentary fragrance. Regular haircuts. Freshly shaped stubble or a well-groomed beard. A ‘manscaped’ body. Healthy looking skin. Short nails. A balanced diet and plenty of hydration.

Not only will those around you notice the attention to detail but you’ll feel great as a result of the effort. Rock that confidence.

Disclaimer: please note that this post was sponsored by Panasonic.

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