The Bagel Burger from The London Bagel Co. – is this the start of a burger revolution?

At TwoMenAboutTown, it’s no secret that we like burgers. We hit some of the hottest chains last year and both Honest Burger and  Smashburger faired pretty well but special mention goes out to local boys Sizzlers whom we first sampled at the MK Feast with their epic hunger destroying buns of deliciousness. However, it’s not always good news and if you hadn’t noticed, we like burgers so much that we get really annoyed when people like Kua’Ania mess them up. For shame.

So when the guys over at the London Bagel Co. promised to show us the future of the burger as we know it, how could we refuse taking a look?

Making our way through the cold night to meet up with the team behind the London Bagel Co., we arrived at a very plush Hotel and very soon got down to some burger related business. Hamish was the voice of the outfit for the evening and took us through his story which led to the creation of the London Bagel Co.; a touring musician, he found himself in Texas and New York and was so taken by the food scene that he wanted to re-create some of that in London. So with the help of Max, a school friend as chef, Hamish took it upon himself to bring the Bagel Burger to the streets of London. Locally baked bagels which are soft and chewy, beef with excellent provenance from the butcher in Shoreditch market itself and salt-beef from their own recipe, these guys mean business.

Bagels and Burgers

The burgers presented to us from the 7 choice menu landed in the form of the Luca and the Fat Bastard as well as a good portion of chips. And ‘Landed’ is the right term – feast your eyes on these beauties:

The London Bagel Co. - The Luca
The London Bagel Co. – The Fat Bastard
The London Bagel Co. - The Luca
The London Bagel Co. – The Luca

The bagel itself tasted great, an intense, chewy hit of carbs which was sorely needed after traipsing across London in the cold. The meat in both burgers were was also cooked well if a little underseasoned and could have done with a splash of something tart and sweet to cut through the very big hit of the bagel and meat. The patties themselves were a decent size with the meat packed nice and loose which thankfully seems to be considered de rigueur in the burger world these days. But I’ll put those small quibbles down to press night nerves though because the team are still learning what it takes to bring something new and innovative to the party.

You’ll find the London Bagel company serving up their 100% grain fed beef burgers, home cured salt beef and other vegetarian, pescatarian and vegan burgers out of their van in Shoreditch market. It’s a very popul.. wait, what? Vegan burger? Oh yes, with their finger on the veritable pulse of the London burger scene, Hamish and the London Bagel Co. have pulled off the impossible with the ‘Rattlesnake’. Focusing on the fact that it turns out that the all too often ignored vegan population like a bit of dirty burger as much as the next person and I can tell you that this little number with it’s home brewed blueberry hot jam is seriously worth a look (remember we wanted something to really bring things together in the Luca and Fat Bastard? This stuff should be on offer across the board). If going vegan is your jam* and you feel the need to treat yourself, then give this a go; I was honestly surprised at just how much I liked it. Other popular hipster options include going full on falafel with the Samih or tucking into a nice wedge of pescatarian joy with the Salmon Supreme.

If I’m being totally honest, I’m probably still not 100% sold on the bagel burger concept. Eating it was a straight up nightmare as the juice from the burger made my hands slippery which in turn made the shiny bagel bun so difficult to hold on to that in the end I turned to the knife and forks which were handily provided for us. Also, I must say that the bagel itself, while being a great example of it’s kind, made the whole thing so heavy to eat that I felt like I was carrying around a bagel baby for the next couple of hours or so.

More than just burgers and bagels

But don’t worry if, like me, you feel a full bagel burger is too much to handle, you can opt for a couple of bagel bites instead. The guys will happily serve you up smaller morsels that give you a couple of mouthfuls of the good stuff so that maybe before you know it, you’ll have wished that you opted to go for the full monty after all. All that being said, SuburbanGent had no such issues and demolished his burger with all the pleasure, focus and determination of a bearded ginger bear who’s just woken from hibernation. If we didn’t have to disappear from the evening early, I wouldn’t have put it past him to ask for another one. So perhaps it’s a London thing and it’s true that I’ve been proved wrong before, so when it comes to new delicious burgers I’ll be happy to be shown the error of my ways again.

Get yourselves down to Shoreditch and check their truck and seasonally changing menu out, to see the boys making an individual dent into a very crowded burger scene.  It is really rather impressive. Just make sure you build up an appetite first!

The London Bagel Co. truck is open seven days a week serving 11:30am through to 4:30pm at Lamb Street Spitalfields and you can get in touch with them here:

Facebook: /thelondonbagelco

Twitter: @thelondonbagel

Instagram: @thelondonbagelco

*See what I did there? I got down with the kids and made a connection to the food. Yeah, I know, I’m the Grandmaster Flash of blogging.**

**I just spoiled it, didn’t I.

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