Whoa there.. subscription cheese toasties straight to my door?!

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, subscription services have boomed in recent years; whether it’s snacking options like Graze, craft-beer delivery service Beer52, meal plans from the likes of HelloFresh, fragrance from Secret Scent or even socks from Quiet Rebellion, it would seem the sky is the limit with stuff you can now get posted to your door.

Clearly, the options vary wildly and whilst perhaps not for everybody, they serve a purpose – by their nature subscription services like the above are highly giftable, they’re quirky and they’re fun. Think novelty factor.

What get’s more novelty then than a subscription to a cheese toastie service, billed as “the uber of grilled cheese sandwiches”? Yeah. You read that right… cheese toasties, straight to your door. Mind blown. Hold onto your hats people.

Cheese Posties Subscription Box Review

Cheese Postie subscription box review

I must admit that I was a little sceptical of the concept behind Cheese Posties at first, particularly with regards to the condition of the ingredients upon arrival, what the cheese would be like delivered unrefrigerated and whether the bread – a pretty fundamental part of a toastie – would arrive as stale as corrugated cardboard.

I needn’t have worried; the range of cheeses that the Cheese Posties guys use is good for up to four days from postage, whilst the bread arrived sealed and fresh, packaged up in a neat box that fit snugly right through my letterbox. Even feta better.

This particular delivery featured a savoury recipe, the ‘Bloody Mary’, Red Leicester cheese, tomato sauce and hot sauce.

With the buttered bread, grated cheese, tomato and hot sauce assembled, the sandwich was inserted into a toastie bag (also provided) and slotted into the toaster…

Cheese Postie toastie bag

Cheese Postie toastie in the toaster

After a rather patient 3-5 minutes… a toastie was born.

Cheese Postie Red Leicester

Cheese Postie finished sandwich

To all intents and purposes, this was a cheese toastie; lovely and crisp on the outside (although I perhaps could have been more ambitious buttering the outside of the bread to give consistency across the bread), cheesy and deliciously gooey on the inside, served with a delicious but slight kick from the tomato and hot sauce base. Very yummy.

So.. Cheese Posties, then – what’s the verdict?

Available from £5.12 per toastie a the time of writing (discount available with an eight week pre-payment), this really isn’t a financially savvy lunchtime treat; the unit cost of the two slices of bread, butter, cheese and other fillings can be very easily replicated at home at a fraction of the cost. However, Cheese Posties isn’t aiming for this grab-and-go lunch market and I don’t believe it’s a fair comparison; this is all about novelty, fun and trying something new at a weekly, fortnightly or monthly frequency, for less than a premium Spotify Premium subscription.

The guys at Cheese Posties have a range of about a hundred different recipes which do sound rather delicious, ranging from Taj Mahal (Monterrey jack, curry sauce & chilli pickle), Pepperoni Pizza (mozzarella, tomato sauce & pepperoni) and Cheesey Garlic Bread (mozarella, garlic, herb butter & tomato dip); perhaps this level of creativity and variety is worth the price to some.

Cheese Posties is a bit of fun and whether it’s a self-purchase as a means of something to look forward to each week/fortnight/month, or a out-there gift for somebody who has everything, I don’t think it’s too ostentatious for what it is. It is what it is, cheese toasties of a variety of sweet and savoury flavours to enjoy. Bold, wacky, fun.

Cheese Posties – it’s Club Tropicana, the drinks are free.

More details can be found on https://cheeseposties.com/, thanks to the guys for providing a sample for the purposes of this review.

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