Wallet wars! The A-Slim vs The Bellroy

You may have seen my recent musings on The Bellroy wallet (more specifically the note sleeve), a recent purchase venturing into the exciting world and dizzying heights of simple and stylish money transportation. More specifically, I wanted something that wouldn’t bulk up my pockets (oh, hello sunshine…) and would still offer the practicalities of carrying all my necessary debit, credit and store cards. Saving you the effort of reading the review, although you’re SORELY missing out if you haven’t, I was pretty happy with the Bellroy purchase at £65.00, it ticked all the boxes. That’s where I thought the story ended.

Curiously, the good folks at A-Slim soon got in touch, full of gusto and confidence that their offering was every bit as good as the Bellroy wallet, but at a fraction of the cost, offering to send us one for the purposes of a review. “Yeah, we’ll just see about that” I thought rather smugly to myself, “I bet it won’t live up to the hype”.

A-Slim Slim Fit Wallet Review

A-slim leather slim note wallet
A-slim leather slim note wallet

Now, ladies and gents, I am rarely wrong. I’m entirely humble enough to admit that. But after returning from my holiday in Dubai, RobsRibs popped round with the A-Slim for me, excited as a schoolgirl after a lemonade. “Open it, open it!” he declared*.

First impressions? Honestly? Regret. Regret that I’d just shelled out £65.00 for a wallet where a cheaper alternative, noticeably and strikingly similar, existed.

A-slim leather wallet review

For comparison, here is the Bellroy:

Bellroy Leather Note Sleeve Wallet in Blue Steel review
Bellroy Leather Note Sleeve Wallet in Blue Steel

Okay so A-slim leather didn’t seem perhaps as top grade as the Bellroy but the stitching and lining certainly was every bit as good and to all intents and purposes offered all of the same benefits as it’s more expensive rival, at virtually the same level of high quality workmanship. I believe at this point I am trying to convey that the literal egg was firmly on my face.

The A-Slim handled my debit, credit and store cards with ease, still retaining the slimline nature of the wallet with plenty of room to spare.

A-Slim wallet with notes and cards

A-slim leather wallet

The out-there purple isn’t perhaps to my more conservative taste, a more muted steely-blue or brown leather would perhaps have been my first choice, all of which A-Slim offer on their website to their credit. Nevermind though, as my good man RobsRibs is after a new wallet and this is VERY much up his street, dare I say too conservative for a man that once sported a gold leotard in broad daylight. We offer both ends of the style spectrum here at TwoMenAboutTown, folks.

I need a slimline wallet! A-Slim or Bellroy?

So, I hear you ask, “why are you touching me there?” “would you purchase the £65 Bellroy wallet again, or would you opt for the cheaper A-Slim?”.

I think the A-Slim offers excellent value for money; it’s a well-crafted and durable wallet that offers great convenience through it’s slimline design, available in a range of colours that will please even the most discerning of wallet purchasers. Putting it simply, yes, I would opt for the A-Slim in future over the Bellroy should I repeat my wallet purchase.

This isn’t to say that the Bellroy isn’t a great wallet or that I’m retracting my original comments – I’m going to continue to use it and would recommend, it’s a lovely product – but think it’s too similar to the A-Slim in quality to warrant the delta in price.

*This may not have actually happened. RobRibs is certainly excitable and often likened to a schoolgirl after a lemonade, but I don’t to his credit think he uttered these words over the course of his short visit.

Disclaimer: the good folks at A-Slim provided a sample for the purpose of this post.

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