TwoMenAboutTown Turns One!

Good Lord, what a year it’s been! A year later, a year older and we have learned a huge amount about blogging, eating and having amazing friends. We’ve written about so many different things that looking back on the 90 odd posts we’ve shared with you it’s too hard to mention them all so we thought we would give you another chance to check out a couple of our favourites that you might have missed the first time.

Food and Drink

Like everyone else (well, perhaps a bit more than everyone else) we enjoy a damn fine nosh bag and boy have we had the privilege to enjoy some corkers. From the Michelin starred Hand and Flowers, to some more local, yet no less special, establishments such as Nelson Street, Camerons and Paris House. But if you want a bit more portion size for your cash then we had you covered there too with the brisket from the Binn Smokehouse, the burgers at Sizzlers and anything from the grill at the Antep Kitchen coming out as stand out entries in our ‘local must eat’ list.

Lemon and White Chocolate Bavarois with Honeycomb and Raspberry Sorbet
Lemon and White Chocolate Bavarois with Honeycomb and Raspberry Sorbet at The Hand and Flowers
Paris House Crispy Lamb and peas
Paris House Crispy Lamb and peas done fancy like

We managed to eat our way across London too, with Le Bab holding a very special place in RobRib’s heart and Ember giving us a cocktail list we’ll never forget! Yuu Kitchen was like nothing we had ever seen before and the Bang Bang Vietnamese Canteen was simply delicious. Frank’s Red Hot asked us for a Superbowl to remember, Tyga wanted us to check out their curry packs which tasted great and how could we forget our evening with Cheese Posties?!

Yuu Kitchen Bar
Yuu Kitchen Bar
Le Bab Lamb Kebab
Le Bab Lamb Kebab

We’ve earned a bit of a reputation for smashing the pub scene and enjoyed openings and relaunches all over from The Anchor in Aspley Guise,  the Black Horse in Woburn or the Swan in Salford to the Crooked Billet to name but four of the more than ten that we managed. Then to wash that all down, we let you know all about our favourite beer gardens in Milton Keynes.  We can’t forget our most amazing Christmas yet – Drinks By the Dram sent us a whisky Advent Calendar which got the festive season off to a magnificent start.

Best pub gardens Milton Keynes
Best pub gardens in Milton Keynes
Drinks By The Dram
What was left of Drinks by the Dram

But it wasn’t all happy days. We also had the misfortune to eat a few things that didn’t go down so well. Chimichanga didn’t work out for us and Kua’Aina didn’t win any friends with SuburbanGent with their appalling service. But the most memorable was perhaps when RobRibs really went to town on Inamo, and the less said about that the better.

inamo TwoMenAboutTown
inamo and TwoMenAboutTown


One of the most enjoyable things about TwoMenAboutTown is our chance to tell you about the magnificent parts of the world that we’ve had the fortune to visit. Last year we got to talk about Dubai (twice), Canada, Mexico and some not so amazing luxury closer to home in Brighton.


The Grand Hotel in Brighton review
The Grand Hotel in Brighton review
View of dounwtown Dubai from Fairmont's Gold Junior Suite
View of downtown Dubai from Fairmont’s Gold Junior Suite

Then there was Berlin, Copenhagen, Cornwall, London but we also had an amazing staycation with City Stay Apartments right at home in Milton Keynes.

The awesome lobby at London's Grosvenor Hotel
The awesome lobby at London’s Grosvenor Hotel
TwoMenAboutTown's Ultimate Night In
TwoMenAboutTown’s Ultimate Night In


This is where we managed to talk about almost anything and everything! Among a lot of other things, we’ve covered RobsRibs love of tea at T2, SuburbanGents disastrous trip to Wembley to see Coldplay, how to make the most of your dress sense and why we love Spotify and Sonos.

Some fruity tea at T2
Some fruity tea at T2
Sonos Play:1 Wireless Speaker review
Sonos Play:1 Wireless Speaker

We indulged our love of quality products for shaving, grooming, scent and fashion socks. RobsRibs flirted with certain death in the Fusion Gym, and Go Outdoors wanted us to be a part of their summer.

Focus Health Club water bottle
Rob’s Fusion Health Club water bottle
Patrick Grant Brogues with Quiet Rebellion socks
Business socks up top, but it’s all party out back

What else can we do in a year?

So we’ve managed to fit in a huge amount and we’re only just warming up! This year we’ve got huge plans; not only is RobsRibs saying hello and goodbye to as many people as he can on his Big Brexit EU Tour, but we’ll be looking out for more amazing experiences and products to bring you – we’ve already got a couple of partners lined up that we think you’ll love… more on that soon!

We’re so glad you joined us over the past few months – we just wanted to say a HUGE thank you!  We have enjoyed making so many new friends, finding all those gems which make life that little bit sweeter and of course sharing the lot with you!  We’ve also loved hearing from you all; following and sharing in your highs and lows is all part of the adventure, you lot sure are a brilliant bunch! That’s it for now, now we’re off to make the next year the biggest and best it can be and we hope you’ll join us!

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