London By Helicopter: The Ultimate Way To See The City?

We don’t do half measures here at TwoMenAboutTown, especially when we are out and about exploring London, the more ostentatious and luxurious, the better; we love a good vantage point too, evidenced mostly by the fact that you can find me most weeks enjoying a beverage or two in one of London’s rooftop bars. Well my friends, what gets more ostentatious and luxurious than a sightseeing helicopter flight over central London?

RobsRibs, my blogging-partner-in-crime, jokes that I am a die-hard playboy wannabe, so I may as well live up to that reputation, right?

London Helicopter Flight Review

The London Helicopter offers three routes from its base at London’s Battersea Heliport, London Buzz, London Sights and London Max, each package offering slightly longer flight time and more of London’s attractions along the way.

The flight we joined in particular was the shortest, London Buzz, a twelve minute scout down the River Thames taking in key landmarks along the River Thames such as:

  • Stamford Bridge
  • Royal Albert Hall
  • Hyde Park
  • Battersea Power Station
  • Houses of Parliament
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Marble Arch
  • London Eye
  • St Paul’s Cathedral
  • The Gherkin
  • The Shard

The experience started upon arrival at the swish London Heliport terminal in Battersea, where a prompt check-in and safety briefing took place; life jackets donned, emergency exits identified via a safety video, it was time to wait for the arrival of our helicopter. Several excitable minutes later, our slick machine appeared on the horizon and made it’s landing approach into the heliport…

London Helicopter tour experience Airbus

After walking out the helicopter (feeling like a rockstar in the process) and belting up, it was time to take to the skies above London. With a gentle hover out towards the Thames, the pilot lowered the nose and off we went…

The sights came thick and fast as we buzzed across the capital, our pilot pointing out attractions along the horizon and around us as we flew along the river. Despite slightly inclement weather conditions, the visibility was reasonable and offered stunning views of London and beyond.

The City and St Paul's from the London Helicopter
London’s St Paul’s Cathedral
Trafalgar Square The London Helicopter flight experience
Trafalgar Square
London skyline from the helicopter
London skyline

I loved spotting my favourite buildings dotted across the skyline, many of which I’ve written about recently in my London rooftop bar guide and review of OXO Tower and Searcys in The Gherkin, the latter I actually visited later that day. London’s skyline is genuinely so captivating, the architecture so striking and rat-runs of train tracks and criss-crossing roads fascinating, this unique experience really lends itself to the capital. Even on a overcast day such as this one.

The Shard from the London Helicopter
The Shard and London’s Tower Bridge
London Helicopter tour experience turning over the city
Flying around The Shard
London southbank helicopter flight
London Southbank

Before we knew it, the flight was drawing to an end; twelve minutes bombing down the Thames at 1,200ft was always going to (literally) fly-by, but so much fun was had that it really was over in a blink of an eye. Our pilot headed back towards Battersea, giving us the chance to marvel at the magnificent London skyline and Southbank.

The London Helicopter landing at Battsersea heliport
Coming into land at London’s Battersea Heliport

Descending back towards the heliport, we flew low along the River Thames, drawing level with a number of office blocks and residential apartments, making eye contact with anybody happening to be near a window looking out – quite a novelty! With a soft landing and the helicopter winding down, we disembarked and made our way back to the terminal, full of adrenaline and excitement having just had a blast in a helicopter – but of course trying to act as nonchalant and cool about it in the process. As you do, of course.

So, was it awesome?
YES. It was bloody awesome. Fantastic, in fact.
SO much fun. SO COOL. It’ll (probably) knock your socks off.

At £150.00 per person for twelve minutes of flight time, this experience is by no means something one would consider doing every day of the week; however, it is an incredible and exhilarating way to see London from a unique perspective, guaranteed to put a huge smile on your face in the process. It’s certainly the case that the twelve minute flight was over in a flash, however covered all of London’s main attractions, a very special and memory-making experience for sure.

The London Helicopter
Battersea Heliport

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