Quirky, Fun and Alternative Things To Do In London

Regularly I find myself asked for tips of things to do in London, many Londoners surprised by the quantity of new and cool things to see and do (and occasionally, drink) that are popping up across the capital. Most things include drink now I think about it.

It’s certainly true that there’s no end of London attractions to tick off; the Natural History MuseumTower of London and Madame Tussauds but to name a few, but I figure you haven’t clicked on this expectantly to be presented with things you could easily find in Auntie Gloria’s well-thumbed guidebook to London. No, you want your snazzy socks blown off, the kind of hipster alternative hangouts that you see on your slightly-cooler friend’s Instagram feed – well, look no further you lucky devil, here’s my alternative list of top things to do in London!

Swingers Crazy Golf

Swingers London crazy mini golf review

What do you get when you combine awesome street food, amazing drinks and crazy golf? That’s right, a hell of a good time! We love Swingers Crazy Golf London and thoroughly enjoyed our recent visit, lots of silliness and shenanigans late into the night with tasty food and delicious cocktails! Don’t miss our review…

> Our Swingers Crazy Golf Review
> Official Swingers Crazy Golf website

Roof East Batting Cages

Things to do in London - Roof East

Arguably the most fun you can have on a rooftop with your clothes on, Roof East is in the heart of Stratford, boasting a rooftop cinema, crazy golf, hip-hop inspired lawn bowls, a roller disco and top street food options, plus a bar. Best of all though is Sluggers, their batting cages, custom-built baseball batting nets. They’re great fun, awesome to hire for short stints and take turns as a couple or with big groups.

> Official Roof East website

London Routemaster Bus Afternoon Tea

London Afternoon Tea Bus Tour Review

A delicious afternoon tea and a charming and iconic vintage London Routemaster bus, driving around London – we recently reviewed the London Afternoon Tea Bus Tour, and we think you will too. It’s different and it’s quirky.

> Our review of London Afternoon Tea Bus Tour
> Official London Afternoon Tea Bus Tour website

Darts at London Flight Club

What to do in London - Flight Club

Flight Club is AWESOME.

I’ve never been one for darts, but add in some great cocktails, a buzzing atmosphere and some sharp flying objects, and you’re onto a real winner! It was surprising how quickly I picked up darts when we got going, and the games played were hugely enjoyable. This is a great couples and group event for sure.

> Official London Flight Club website

London Helicopter Sightseeing Flight

The City and St Paul's from the London Helicopter

Okay, this one is maybe a little on the more ostentatious side of things to do in London with prices starting at £150pp, but what an incredible experience it is seeing the capital from this unique (and rather rock-star) perspective. It’s a blast.

> Our review of the London Helicopter sightseeing flight
> London Helicopter official website

London Rooftop Bars

CloudM rooftop bar and terrace view

Who doesn’t love sipping a glass of bubbly or a delicious cocktail with striking views of London? We’ve (literally) gone to town in assembling our favourite rooftop bars across the capital, guaranteed to provide an awesome and memorable night!

> TwoMenAboutTown’s favourite London Rooftop Bars

Dining in the dark at Dans Le Noir

Dans Le Noir farringdon restaurnt in the dark

Dining in absolute darkness and served by a visually impaired waiter certainly does concentrate the mind – and senses! This experience is mind-boggling, more than a restaurant and something we hugely recommend.

> Our review of dining in the dark at Dans Le Noir
> Dans Le Noir official website

London Treasure Hunt

London blogger

Follow a trail of clues that are sent one-by-one to your mobile phone, crack the secret and explore London along the way. This is a unique way to explore London over 2-4 hours, with a number of different themed trails available.

> Official Hidden City website

BallieBallerson Adult Ball Pit

Things to do in London - BallieBallerson

A venue in Dalston with over 200,000 plastic balls over two floors to explore and dive into, whilst DJs and cool retro cocktails promise a good night and adult-only affair. This is a great laugh; when else can you legitimately enjoy a ball-pit as an adult?!

> Official BallieBallerson London website

London Shuffle Club

Things to do in London; Shuffeclub

This is a seasonal one, so you best get your skates on – but for summer 2017 (until the 9th September 2017), look no further for your shuffleboard needs!

With food from the London Pizza Club, DJs providing some awesome tunes, plenty of cocktails and (of course) shuffleboard, The London Shuffle Club is a great evening.

> Official The London Shuffe Club website

London Post Office Railway


New in September 2017, Ride Mail Rail is London’s newest attraction; twenty minutes of immersive underground exploration on the historic (and often forgotten about) historic Royal Mail underground miniature train.

Chances are you probably haven’t done anything like this, descending into the former engineering depot of the Mail Rail, the one hundred-year-old railway looks both epic and spooky. Tickets are already on sale and can be booked on the Mail Rail website. We can’t wait for this one to open and will be there with bells on.

> Official Ride Mail Rail website

Free drinks in London!

Free drinks, cocktails, beers and wine with the Drinki app in London

So, you’re in London and you’ve worked yourself up a thirst; it would be rude not to enjoy a cocktail with friends or that special person in your life, no? Well, we’ve got you covered at TwoMenAboutTown; we’ve teamed up with our friends at DRINKI, to offer our readers a drink on the house (yeah, really!), plus plenty of exciting offers and promotions! Just check out the article in the link below and use the DRINKI app with our unique code and enjoy your free drink. Enjoy!

> Free drink in London with TwoMenAboutTown and Drinki

Bounce London Ping Pong

Things to do in London - Bounce

Bounce, Europe’s largest ‘Social Ping Pong Club’ (that’s a bar with lots of table tennis in it to you and I) is an awesome night out; with great food (omg, the pizza…!) and drink, the atmosphere in Bounce is electric. It’s thriving and hugely fun, even if you’re fairly hopeless at ping pong.

> Official Bounce Ping Pong website

Things to do in London

That’s all for now, but come back soon to see our much-loved restaurants and hotel collections in London; don’t miss our stays at The Grosvenor or CitizenM in the interim whilst we pop our collection together!

Hopefully this post has perhaps inspired some ideas of quirky or alternative things to do in London, we certainly had a blast putting it together!

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