The Bacon Cheeseburger… Donut?

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of a good burger; Honest Burger, Dip & Flip, Patty&Bun, Burger & Lobster, MEATliquor, Prime Burger and even the occasional Five Guys all get my business when I’m out on the hunt for a mouthwatering burger. A seeded-bun or soft brioche, a good cheese and a thick and juicy beefy patty is an award-winning combination, so generally speaking, it really upsets me when this tried and tested formula of absolute life-winning substance is messed with (of course the Bagel Burger being a major exception to this rule).

I was frankly AGHAST to hear that Maxwell Bar & Grill in Covent Garden was potentially creating a huge crime against food – a culinary Frankenstein, if you will – by merging two (arguably) superfoods – the humble bacon cheeseburger and the doughnut. I really wasn’t sure what to make of it.

Bacon DCheeseburger Donut

For a limited time only, American-diner Maxwell’s Bar & Grill in Covent Garden has launched its bacon cheeseburger donut –  a beef patty, Monterey Jack cheese, chopped gherkins, bacon and a dollop of ketchup jam, encased within dougnnut batter, lovingly deep fried and served with a side of fries.

The result? Well… sweet baby Jesus.

Bacon Cheese Burger Donut London Covent Garden

Bacon cheeseburger donut

I wanted to hate it. Don’t mess with an award-winning formula, leave the burger alone! In fact, I expected the sweetness of the encasing doughnut to be almost too sickly, the thought of it a little stomach-churning.

HOWEVER; it wasn’t half bad. If anything, I quite liked it.

The burger itself was rich and juicy, which when twinned with the Monterey Jack cheese made for a mouthwatering partnership. To my delight, the doughnut deep-fried batter wasn’t as sweet as I had feared, or at least wasn’t as noticeable in this setup, satisfying if not hugely glutenous and calorific. But I was absolutely okay with this, and found myself savouring each bite as I made my way through the beefy dream.

My only criticism is perhaps that the burger needs more of a healthy squirt of the ketchup jam which may have given the dish more of a kick, but nevertheless Maxwell’s had left me both surprised and delighted.

So should you give this a go? Absolutely. It’s one to tell the grandkids about. Head on down to Maxwell’s from Thursday 28th September 2017 to sample this crazy but tasty food-merging experiment for a limited time only at £14.95. Oh, and have the Toblerone or Malteaser dessert cocktail too, they’re dreamy. You. are. welcome.

I’m curious to see what Maxwell’s will wheel out next as they are well known for their Freakshakes and wild burger specials…


2 thoughts on “The Bacon Cheeseburger… Donut?

  1. I keep seeing these on Instagram, and I just can’t imagine what it would taste like. I think in my min d I can’t get past the thought of the doughnut without jam which is why it seems odd, but I’d definitely give it a try!


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