F1 Pit Stop Challenge – SuburbanGent Explores A Career Change

It’s no secret that I’m a huge Formula One fan – you’ll find me at Silverstone every July, or camped out in front of the television for the majority of race weekends throughout the calendar year. Naturally, I was therefore quick to accept an invite to a F1 Pit Stop Challenge event… and of course put my competitive streak to good use.

F1 car

Hosted by the snazzy folks at LV= Car Insurance, the focus of the event was born from insight showing that drivers are increasingly less likely, confident, or able to perform basic vehicle maintenance or safety checks to their cars. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this is impacting pass rates for MOT servicing, not to mention claim rates on car insurance. As a man who was forced last year to claim on his insurance because he was distracted by a pretty girl crossing the road unknown distraction, I for one need to do all I can to reduce the risk of future incidents.

After an initial briefing, the invited group of bloggers and journalists were assembled into teams and put to task with changing an F1 tyre in the fastest possible time. As you’d expect, I angled for a punny team name, although my suggestions of “Wheely Good Time” and “Ford Siesta” fell on deaf ears, perhaps for the best. Still, we settled for “The Wheel Nuts” and pressed on with nailing our practices before the timing began.

F1 challenge

F1 car rear view

F1 ty

I was paired with two other competitive souls and we set ourselves with the target of “not embarrasing ourselves” against the folks from AutoTrader. As wheel-on man, my job was to present the tyre on the hub following the old tyre’s removal, ready for the gun-man to tighten the wheel-nut and complete the pitstop; the air of competitiveness was rife from the get-go and it wasn’t long before The Wheel Nuts were in the zone and looking like we sort of knew what we were doing. The adrenaline was sky-high, not to mention the flowing fighting talk between the teams.

A glass of prosecco or two wasn’t enough to throw us off our game and it wasn’t long before we’d worked our way to the top of the table…

Wheel Nuts F1 Challenge

Okay, so we were some way off the amazing efforts of the Williams F1 team, who achieved an astonishing 1.96 seconds at the Baku Grand Prix in 2016 (how do you even manage that?!) – but we were quite chuffed with the 3.65 seconds that we got on the board, nonetheless. I reckon the couple of glasses of prosecco added at least a few tenths. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

F1 Pitstop challenge

A thoroughly enjoyable event for sure and one that I’m glad I popped along to. This is by no means a sponsored post and my write-up is purely voluntary, although prizes for being “simply awesome” (my humble words, admittedly) at the F1 Pitstop Challenge were gifted from the folks at LV= in the form of a brand new TomTom Satnav and champagne, which I resisted spraying about as if I was Lewis Hamilton… or drinking it on the way home on the train. YOLO and all that.

F1 Champagne

If you get the chance to take part in one of these F1 Pitstop Challenges which I see touring various events and corporate-dos, I thoroughly recommend taking part, it’s great fun. I need a bit more practice so you won’t find me in a pit-garage anytime soon, although I still fancy a stab at driving one of these cars…

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