The Uber of the GP World – Push Doctor Review – The Doctor Will See You Now

Getting an appointment in this day-in-age, in some GP surgeries, is a nightmare; taking time off work can be difficult, whilst a non-emergency appointment in my local practice can take up to four weeks – yes, four weeks – before it’s possible to get in front of a doctor.

This, of course, isn’t necessarily the fault of said surgery, it’s hardworking staff or the GPs within, but a reflection of our over-stretched NHS. However, for somebody like myself who finds it difficult to take time off work, let alone get an appointment in the first place, this presents a problem; how do I get in front of a GP and get the treatment or prescription that I need, at a time that is convenient for me, at short-notice?

Enter Push Doctor.

Push Doctor App Review

Push Doctor is a new breed of tech start-ups that recognises and responds to a genuine gap in the market, this one marrying access to healthcare professionals with time-restricted working people (think Uber of the medical world). For a one-off fee of £20, users can book a 10-minute slot with a UK GQC-regulated GP for a consultation and have a face-to-face appointment, served via Push Doctor’s video-enabled app. I was curious whether the claims on the website and overall experience would stack-up, it all seemed too good to be true.

Registration and waiting to see the GP

My personal experience of the sign-up process was effortless.

After sharing just a few personal details and my GP surgery’s address, I was signed up and presented with a number of bookable slots. Even at 8.25pm on a Tuesday night, there was a number of appointments available, all the way up until 10pm. Most convenient. With one booked a few minutes ahead, I was taken to a virtual waiting room and placed in a queue for my doctor.

Push Doctor app review

Appointment with the GP: consultation to prescription

I didn’t capture any photos of my actual appointment – that remains confidential and personal, you nosey rascals – however, my doctor was courteous, professional and very pleasant to deal with. After a short face-to-face interaction using the front-facing camera on my iPhone, my doctor asked several questions before proceeding to issue me with a prescription. Within six and a half minutes, my consultation was wrapped up (although, not feeling rushed) and a prescription was issued. Easy-peasy.

As I had opted for the one-off £20 consultation as opposed to the £20-per-month premium service, a prescription cost an additional £8, on top of my appointment fee. I had a phone call some 45 minutes later following my appointment, followed up by a text message, confirming my prescription and where it could be collected from. Faultless, convenient and a stress-free service.

Face to face consultation with Push Doctor

Push Doctor Review Summary

The ultimate question that I think that is the measure of this service is whether I would use the service again – and it’s without a shadow of a doubt that I absolutely would.

Push Doctor is an efficient way to get access to fully-qualified professional (non-emergency) medical assistance that works for people short on time and my experience was a resounding success. My doctor was courteous, listened to my problem and issued me with exactly the right prescription that I needed. So easy.

Yes, £20 per appointment is not cheap and it’s privileged to be in a position to afford such luxury, however, for somebody who rarely uses the NHS in any regard and needed something to conveniently fit around my schedule (and fairly promptly), this service is a god-send. Note that this isn’t a sponsored post – I used the service and valued it so much that I felt compelled to share it with you.

I really needed GP access last night, and Push Doctor was there for me at my time of need. Bravo.

One thought on “The Uber of the GP World – Push Doctor Review – The Doctor Will See You Now

  1. Hey Mr Suburban Gent. 😎

    This is a great post about how the digital age is enabling us to do pretty much anything at the push of a button. As you rightly say our NHS is stretched to its limits with waiting times ever increasing we need a new way of searching out the help we need. Push Doctor fills a gap that we so desperately need nowadays & if it means people can get the prescription they urgently need then it’s definitely worth the £20 fee.

    Thanks for talking about this, it takes guts to admit you need help & I wish you luck on your journey.

    I hope this new job is better for your Mental Health. Onwards & upwards from here.

    I know we’re strangers but please know that I am here if you need me. Always happy to listen. ☺😊

    Looking forward to the next post!

    Sunshine Sarah xoxo

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