The Drinks By The Dram 2017 Advent Calendar and a whole lot of Christmas Love

People, you can ignore the Roman Gregorian calendar, the last 2,000 years of history and any talk to the contrary because you have only got ONE week until Christmas. One week, and one week only until Christmas starts on the 1st of December. That’s when you can open your advent calendar and we all know that Christmas begins when you can eat chocolate before breakfast! Well, maybe grown ups can’t justify chocolate with their daily weetabix but we think that a quick snifter before bed is more than acceptable to keep you in the festive spirit! If you get an advent calendar for the kids then you deserve some Christmas cheer as well, right? Well, Drinks By The Dram think they can help you with that situation, and I think they’re right!

The best thing about Drinks by the Dram, who (in their infinite and unquestionable wisdom) have seen fit to send me another of their Advent Calendars, is not the “magnificent Whisky Advent Calendar filled with the very finest whiskies available to humanity”. It’s not the “carefully curated Premium Whisky, Gin, Rum, Vodka, Cognac, Tequila, Armagnac or Mezcal and Absinthe Advent calendars” that are available should you not want to drink whisky every day on the run up to the most booze filled holiday of the year. It’s not even the “24 opportunities to taste everything from single grain to rare Scotch worth up to £599.95 a bottle” (can you tell that I’m squeezing this Press Release for everything it’s got?). No. So what can it possibly be, I hear you say?!

The Drinks By The Dram Advent Calendar, brown version.

It’s that it gives my Father In Law an excuse to accept me. The truth is, I am not exactly representative of my Father In Law’s perfect choice for his daughter. He loves his sport, I do not. He is an avid gardener, I am not. He is a hard core military man and the closest I came to signing up was joining the St John Ambulance for a bit when I was 12. But we make it work, essentially because I give him Birthday presents like this. If there is one thing that he enjoys more than golf, it’s whiskey and because his birthday is at this time of year, once I knew the quality of product inside the Drinks by The Dram calendar, I bought him one and received in exchange another year of benevolent tolerance. It’s a shaky alliance I admit, but we all know that the world is built on such things.


What’s a whiskey advent calendar without a 50 year old whiskey? NOTHING THAT’S WHAT!

So, a year on from this time last year when Drinks by The Dram offered me the chance to take a closer look at their grown up advent calendar, what has changed? I was understandably excited by the prospect of an alcoholic calendar and was rewarded by a phenomenal product – things can’t get better than that. Can they?! It’s true that at £150 the box still isn’t the cheapest Festive present you’ll ever buy but unlike other costs you might suffer this year, the price hasn’t changed. They’ve been going since 2012 and every year they seem to get better. I’ve been trying Drinks By The Dram for a few years now but the 2017 lineup is the most diverse I’ve seen, with drams from every part of the globe including Taiwanese Kavalan Single Malt and <gasp> America.

drinks by the dram
The range of whiskeys on offer is really great – even if you don’t like them all they still look good!

Had Drinks By the Dram just given me a reason to enjoy Christmas with my in laws, I would have been happy but as I mentioned above, they don’t stop there. They’ve been working on brand new calendars from independent Scotch whisky bottler Douglas Laing, and independent gin bottler That Boutique-y Gin Company among others and they’ve also got some old friends back on the list. The Bourbon Advent Calendar and The Very Old & Rare Whisky Advent Calendar (aka the calendar that everyone wants but no-one can actually buy – featuring some super rarities from the likes of Karuizawa, Port Ellen, and The Macallan, presented in a bespoke, handcrafted wooden box and priced at the Russian Oligarch affordability level of £9,999 are both very popular but for very different reasons.

Get all your Christmas whiskey pleasures here!

So there we have it; Drinks By The Dram know that they have a winner and if you get your hands on one then you’ll know it too. Drink it yourself (like me) or buy it for a loved one (also like me) but whatever you do this Christmas, just make sure you pass on the love and Christmas joy that Drinks By The Dram have shared with you in the hard work and effort that has gone into producing all these little drams of delight. Merry Christmas, cheers and slàinte.

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    1. Not sure if you meant to send us this comment on this post Hannah! I like the Galleon too, that playgound is a great place for the kids!


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