Breddos, Kingly Street – London. A review.

Every year the P. family make their way to London in order to enjoy the delights of the capital at Christmas.  My decision not to book dinner for our trip in 2016 almost ended in divorce but thankfully Le Bab was there to save the day. And having so extensively explored Carnaby Street and the surrounding area, thankfully our 2017 excursion held a lot less drama and we managed to walked into Breddos with smiles all round.

Mexican cuisine has grown hugely in popularity over the past few years and is riding high at the moment being as fashionable as it is tasty, it’s such an incredible street food option that when I see tacos I always think ‘mmm’ (big shout outs to my local boys Taco Shack, who are responsible for my recent taco addiction thanks to their amazing salsa). Fuelled by our new found love of all things latino, Breddos then is a tiny corridor of a restaurant between Regent and Carnaby streets in the shadow of the back of Hamleys.


The menu in Breddos reads well, really well. You know I’m a fan of paired down menus, too much choice means that the kitchen can’t actually cook and is forced to pre-prepare way too many dishes but Breddos’ wasn’t overly long and I wanted to order the lot. But I couldn’t and instead had to settle for some guacamole, corn, Masa chicken, Bermondsey fried cheese, pork belly and lamb neck.


I mean, come on. How am I ever going to be able to eat nachos and guacamole again without thinking about that? Creamy cool avocado, a big hit of lime and a spike of chilli all seasoned to perfection. And the corn, oof. Sweet, buttery and then that chilli coming in at the end – it’s the stuff Mexican flavoured sweetcorn dreams are made of.


And then came the tacos. Pork belly is Mrs P’s kryptonite and she will never fail to order it when on offer. Here, with delicate red cabbage piled high on top and the unknown x ni pek in delicious if mysterious appearance, Mrs P had almost scoffed the lot before I realised and had to make do with the scraps. It was tart and powerful with the soft juicy meat hiding just underneath like a thinly veiled porky layer of sexual frustration that is begging to be uncovered. All you have to know is that I greedily licked the plate clean. Despite my first fears, the cheese wasn’t a poor mans choice either, it was saltily delicious with the beans giving just enough mushy texture contrast to the bouncy cheese. We wrapped the taco around the chunk of dairy perfection and munched away until…


Neck of lamb might not be a cut that some might find appealing but Mrs P., the Child and I are (thankfully) not most people. It was the first thing we ordered and the last to arrive but it more than matched our expectations. The meat was some of the best I’ve enjoyed for a long time, with a barbecue sauce so rich with jam-packed jammy flavours that I started to wonder how my tongue could process it all. But it was the sauces that came with the dish made everything so much more, each held their own special place in my heart; the heat, the sweet and the tomato-y one. Fabulous from the first sniff to the last wipe.

So what did we think of Breddos? Well if you gloss over the great flavour combos, discount the exciting menu choices, take away the generous size of that lamb portion, overlook the interesting art around the place and ignore the fab music, excellent waiting staff, suitable location, clean toilets, first-rate cocktails as well as the reasonable (for London) prices, well the truth is that the rest isn’t half bad either.

We loved Breddos, but don’t just take our word for it, pop by and see for yourselves. They take bookings but always reserve half their seating for walk-ins – good luck!



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