Flavourly.com the beer delivery service that brings more than just the sunshine

The British have a strange relationship with the sun don’t we? On the one hand, as soon as the sun comes out, some of us strip half naked, rub ourselves with baby oil and to do our best to get a nasty skin condition by the time we’re 65, and the rest of us paint ourselves with so much zinc based sunscreen that we end up walking around feeling sticky for three months of the year. It’s hardly a perfect solution is it? Flavourly.com is an online drinks delivery service and they wondered if I could suggest a more appropriate way to welcome the summer to this beautiful Island of ours, I said ‘send me a box of beer and we can talk about it.’ So they did and in doing so became bf’s for life.

When you first take a look at Flavourly.com it’s easy to see what they are trying to do, an online shop chock full of social beverage products ready to tempt you into purchase. So far so obviously right up my alley. The selection is really broad with a huge amount of choice to satisfy almost any alcoholic need you may have. They’ve clearly got a couple of suppliers that they work with closely and if you are into your craft beer, boutique grapefruit tonic or small batch spirits then you will definitely find plenty to interest you.


The beers I tried were a mix of European pilsners and London craft ales and lagers, as refreshing and crisp as they all were, there were a couple that really stood out from the crowd. On a Bank Holiday weekend that was breaking temperature records across the country all you want is a ice cold cider to break up the heat haze, right? No. No, No, No. No. Please step away from the sugar filled bottled alcohol disaster because what you actually need is some of this:


This is the most exciting drink I’ve put in my mouth since my mate Bob the Barman made me the best Old Fashioned of my life. A beer that tastes of beer and orange, it sounds terrible and I suspect when drunk on a normal, dreary miserable British day it probably would be but when the temperatures start to rise and you get that suns-out-guns-out feeling, this is what you need in your life. Buy some and thank me later.

Flavourly_unionBut what else do Flavourly.com have to offer? Well, I’ve already mentioned that they have a range of spirits; gins, whiskys, bourbons and a few other interesting bottles of tequila sitting alongside some good looking red and white bottles of vino, that’s something that Flavourly.com has got over other wine delivery services like Clara or Naked wines, so if you are ordering a pint of Pale Ale to go with your glass of Rose then Flavourly.com might be just the place for you. Delivery is 6 quid for anything from one can of lager up to orders of £50 and if you fancy something more regular you can go for their monthly subscriptions at £25 for a delivery of beer or £35 for the gin, which if the quality of the product that I tried is anything to go by might be well worth my own hard earned cash.


It’s safe to say that I liked Flavourly.com, it’s clearly not the cheapest way to buy beer and if you still want to buy a crate of Fosters that’s OK, I won’t judge you. But honestly, I don’t think the pricing is too bad at all (the beer starts at under £2 per bottle and the spirits and wine are all equally reasonable) so let’s be fair; we all know you’ve got the drinks you give to friends you don’t like and the drinks you give to friends you do, getting a delivery from these guys definitely falls in to the latter category.


As I say, Flavourly.com sent me this big beautiful box of beer for free to enjoy with my family but I’m not ashamed to say that I drank most of it myself. Yeah well, I’ll buy them some more the next time they come over.

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