24 hours in the Czech Republic and a last minute change of plan…

The Czech Republic has some lovely memories for us, as Mrs P and I spent so many happy hours as newly weds wandering across and along the Vltava river in the sunshine. We wanted to revisit those old haunts but a couple of days into our trip across Poland we realised that despite our usual standard of fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants style planning there was no way we could get over to Prague and back down to Bratislava in Slovakia without an extra couple of days. And so, in the best Family P tradition – a new plan (if the very loose description of what we were ever actually doing could be called a plan) was born.

So instead of driving north to re-visit Prague, we decided to hit up Czech’s second and third biggest cities instead.  Heading west we first went to Ostrava, which we found to be the industrial heartland of Czech and therefore, quickly decided to move on to beautiful Brno. The Czech Republics third largest city, the travel gods were clearly smiling down on us as the weather broke and the city was revealed to us in all it’s genuine glory.


A quick trip up to the top of the Town Hall Tower gave some of the best views of the city


czech_brno (2)
The other must vantage point in Brno was from the Church or St Peter and St Paul – you can see the Town Hall Tower on the right hand side here

Brno is, without question, one of the architectural delights of the country. Yes of course Prague is beautiful and is the main draw for everyone from Cultural City Breakers to Stag parties but if that’s the only place you want to go then honestly you are missing a trick my friends. Look at the market, those buildings and the amazing sculptures.


OK, well, maybe not this sculpture. This is a celestial clock if you didn’t know (and let’s be fair, why should you?). Known locally  known as the biggest waste of money the city has ever spent as it cost over 12 Million Crowns (400 grand) and has ended up looking like a… well, if you don’t know what it looks like then I’m not going to be the one to tell you.


Mmm, pickles in a bucket.

Now, it’s must be said that once you’ve done the town square and taken a closer look at the cathedral there isn’t a huge amount left to do in Brno. We weren’t there to discover the clubs and bars of the city so we made the most of the baroque churches and Town Hall Tower. There isn’t really much more you can wish for once you’ve got a cold Aperol Spritz in your hand and the sun on your face is there?


Czech_deckchairsczech_square (2)

But hang on, what about lunch? And Brexit? And lunch? Well, I can do you proud on all sides there because we found my main man Jiri running a pastrami and pulled pork sandwich counter alongside a few other tiny artisan street food vendors looking over the central vegetable market.  This was a meal that hit all the right spots and really made the most of our day in Brno; the tart of the pickles, the soft forgiving pork and the crunch of the toasted sourdough all brought together to one hell of a sandwich.



Jiri was a little shy and didn’t want to appear on the blog in person but if you find yourself lucky enough to visit Brno then pop yourself over to Coucou and enjoy a sandwich or two. What did he think of Brexit though? Well, not much to be honest. ‘I don’t care! The UK was already separate and now it’s official. I hope there is no change in being able to visit the UK.’ Short and sweet but plenty to think about there Jiri, thanks for your thoughts and the sandwich.

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