Under the Spotlight: Two Men About Town

Ahoy there! You’ve stumbled across Two Men About Town, a blogging effort from @RobsRibsMK.

As all the best superheroes are destined to do, we’ve decided to join forces to share our thoughts, experiences and delights across food and drink, travel and general lifestyle blog categories, covering Milton Keynes, London and beyond – we hope that you like our early efforts, although stay with us as we’ve got plenty of ideas to develop Two Men About Town over time.

What are we about?

Founded in May 2016, we decided to focus our efforts on dishing out authentic, credible and honest reflections on things close to our hearts (mainly food and drink…); we’re not really about highly polished and beautiful ‘Instagrammable’ photo-shoot quality images, but our conclusions are straight from the hip. We’re gritty. We’re raw. You can read our content safe in the knowledge that we’re men of our word(s). And by heck we’re going to have fun along the way as we share our experiences with you.

Who are we?

If you don’t already know us, well, you’re missing out!  @RobsRibsMK is a family man who loves entertaining with good food and drink, when of course he isn’t travelling in and out of some glamorous European destination with his work. The TwoMenAboutTown Team features several guest writers but what ultimately joins us is our shared passion for luxury travel, hotel stays, high-end fragrance and fashion, beautifully designed products, supporting local enterprise, live-music and practically every main food group under the sun…. especially if greased with a tasty alcoholic beverage or two. If you would like to submit an article to us then please get in touch!

Whether it’s a pizzaburger, Asian, Mexican, a curry, traditional pub grub, Michelin starred and anything in-between, we’ve probably got it covered here on the blog.

We believe that life is for living and not standing to one side watching everybody else have all the fun. If you come back again (and why wouldn’t you?), you’ll soon see that we don’t serve half measures in this establishment; we’ll laugh together, get annoyed together and probably invent new emoji’s together, so welcome to our world.

Strap yourself in and hang on to something or someone because it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

Milton Keynes Digital Awards 2016 – Finalists!

MK Digital Awards - Two Men About Town Finalists
MK Digital Awards – Two Men About Town Finalists

It’s still very much early days for us having launching the blog in May 2016, but less than six months into our time on the web we found ourselves rubbing shoulders with the very best of the Milton Keynes blogging scene as a finalist in the entertainment category. We didn’t win at the October award ceremony and send our congratulations to our good friends who shared the nomination and win, but we are very proud as Milton Keynes bloggers nonetheless!

Thanks for stopping by! Now take a look at *some* of our posts:




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