Bang Bang Vietnamese Canteen, Fitzrovia London Review

Bang Bang Vietnamese Canteen review London Soho and Fitzrovia

I’ve been walking past the Bang Bang Vietnamese Canteen on Warren Street for some time, meaning to head in; the constant stream of people scuttling in and out, not to mention the endless hunger-inducing posts on their Twitter account has had me pining for a visit for sometime.

Armed with the promise of delicious steamed Bao, I coerced a bunch of colleagues and headed on down Friday lunchtime to give it a whirl.

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Going for Dim Sum at Dim t, London: Review

London dim sum from Dim t review

For me, dim sum is a gift from the gods; a delightful little parcel of savoury or sweet goodness. Serious mouthwatering stuff. It’s like honey to the bee (I promise no further Billie Piper references for the remainder of this review).

A bunch of colleagues and I headed down Charlotte Street in Fitzrovia last week for a spot of lunch between meetings and casually strolled into Dim t; naturally I was rather looking forward to ordering the signature dish.

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City Kitchen and The Chicken Katsu Curry: Review

Microwave Chicken Katsu Curry from City Kitchen

Disclaimer: now, this post may well make the ‘food elite’, Instagram plate-snappers and Twitterati turn their nose up. Clearly, there is no substitute for a freshly prepared at home meal, but sometimes convenience, time and lack of resource (and hunger) leads one to look outside the immediate culinary array of takeaway options. Sometimes, the easy (and tasty) options win.

Some of you may be aware that I’ve recently had a new kitchen put in, which rather obviously caused complete chaos… so much so that my kitchen/dining room resembled something out of a disaster movie.

Having exhausted invites to friend’s homes for dinner, ordered every takeaway-cuisine that Milton Keynes has to offer and quickly deciding that I had zero desire to return to my instant-noodle university days, I had more or less resigned myself to the fact that I was going to need to rely on the old trusted microwave to get me through.

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