Namji, Wolverton – a TwoMenAboutTown readers recommended review

I recently spent a Sunday afternoon working out what were my favourite restaurants in Milton Keynes. After reading my thoughts more than a few of you sarcastic sausages let me know of a few places you thought I had missed and Namji was one of them. So then, when an opportunity so perfect presented itself in the form of a wet unassuming Monday night the Family P took the opportunity to dive on in and check out all that the Namji had to offer.

Just so we’re all clear, let’s go over a few things that will score top marks with me:

  • A cut down menu – know what you can do and do it as well as you can
  • Authenticity – understand where the soul of your food comes from
  • Customer service – a smile has no overhead cost, if I want someone to give me money then I should probably be nice to them
  • Value – Not massive portions but I want to feel that making the trip is worth it

Get that right and I’ll come back again and again and again. I have to say that Namji smashed it.

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Where are the best places to eat or drink in and around Milton Keynes?

Paris House's new 'blue' look

Spring 2018

‘Milton Keynes is full of chains’ they say. ‘There is nowhere good to eat!’ they say. Well, I say that it sucks to be them because while it’s true that there is an unfortunate glut of horrible, horrific and unnecessary chain restaurants here you just have to look a bit harder and you’ll find so many amazing people who are pulling out all the stops to get you the dinner you deserve. This is my list of the best independent options you’ve got in and around the area, these are places that I go to regularly and have rarely been disappointed at. If you don’t want to give your money to Chimichangas or any other cut and paste restaurant (and I wouldn’t blame you) then take a good look at some of these and join me in sticking it to the Man.

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Urban Dhaba, Milton Keynes – Review

I’m a little late coming to this one and those of us who follow the Milton Keynes dining scene know that there have been a few blog reviews of Urban already from some of our very own MK blogging stalwarts Jo and LouBou. But when I hear of a new Indian restaurant promising ‘authentic’ recipes with a great vibe and better flavour, then my interest is peaked. So, after the dust had settled from the initial fanfare and launch, Mrs P and I dropped in on Urban Dhaba late one evening to see what all the fuss was about.

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TwoMenAboutTown Turns One!

TwoMenAboutTown Birthday Box

Good Lord, what a year it’s been! A year later, a year older and we have learned a huge amount about blogging, eating and having amazing friends. We’ve written about so many different things that looking back on the 90 odd posts we’ve shared with you it’s too hard to mention them all so we thought we would give you another chance to check out a couple of our favourites that you might have missed the first time.

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The Ultimate Night In; Two Men About Town stay home

TwoMenAboutTown's Ultimate Night In

SuburbanGent and I recently had the opportunity to live out an opportunity that doesn’t come around very often now that we’re grown ups and all that. A couple of posts earlier, you may remember that we were invited to check out the City Stay Apartments and so while we were there, we thought it would be a pretty good idea to try to make it the best night of it we possibly could. We gathered together everything we could and tested as many as possible to bring you what we would consider to be everything you need for the Ultimate Night In.

Needless to say just like most things in life that we put our minds to, we prepared thoroughly and proceeded to give it full beans.

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The Don Indian Restaurant – Milton Keynes; Review

The Don review Milton Keynes Indian restaurant

Mention The Don Indian restaurant to most people in Milton Keynes and you’ll either be greeted by a vacant stare, or a “oh, that’s that place tucked away in the train station isn’t it?”. I’ll be honest, I was of the latter; The Don is situated in a unit in the town’s train station that has been home to a number of Indian restaurants over the years, most famously the site of the Jaipur until it moved across the road.

However, it was perhaps wrong of me to dismiss The Don as just another run-of-the-mill Indian tucked away, after all a recent Best Newcomer award at the Milton Keynes Food and Leisure Awards 2016 and a string of positive word-of-mouth recommendations suggests that something quite good was afoot from the new owners and worth taking a look at. Naturally, I jumped at the chance to take a look for myself when the opportunity presented itself and the chaps invited me down to sample a meal.

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Cooking with Tyga and Kingfisher for National Curry Week

Curry. Curry curry curry. Curry curry. Curry. I like curry. In fact thinking about it, I don’t know many people who don’t like curry. Do you? I bet you don’t. It’s so popular that it’s even got it’s own week. Which, by any measure is utterly ridiculous. Well ridiculous and at the same time, completely and undeniably delicious. I know it’s difficult to sometimes pull yourselves away from your regular Chicken Tikka Masala on a Friday night at the Spice Shed, but if at no other time, this should have been the week to go all out and try to investigate new tastes, flavours and, dammit, maybe even a new part of the menu!

I don’t cook much on this blog, but the truth is I cook a lot. When I’m not doing reviews here, there or pretty much anywhere, I’m in the kitchen cooking for Mrs P, The Child, The Child’s Sister or in fact anyone who happens to be in the house at the time. So when Tyga asked Suburban Gent and I to try out their DIY subscription curry deal and then threw in a crate of Kingfisher to sweeten the deal, there was no way I was going to say no.

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City Kitchen and The Chicken Katsu Curry: Review

Microwave Chicken Katsu Curry from City Kitchen

Disclaimer: now, this post may well make the ‘food elite’, Instagram plate-snappers and Twitterati turn their nose up. Clearly, there is no substitute for a freshly prepared at home meal, but sometimes convenience, time and lack of resource (and hunger) leads one to look outside the immediate culinary array of takeaway options. Sometimes, the easy (and tasty) options win.

Some of you may be aware that I’ve recently had a new kitchen put in, which rather obviously caused complete chaos… so much so that my kitchen/dining room resembled something out of a disaster movie.

Having exhausted invites to friend’s homes for dinner, ordered every takeaway-cuisine that Milton Keynes has to offer and quickly deciding that I had zero desire to return to my instant-noodle university days, I had more or less resigned myself to the fact that I was going to need to rely on the old trusted microwave to get me through.

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