Top 10 Job Interview Tips.. From an Interviewer

Top 10 job interview tips from an interviewer

Ah, the interview!

I’ve been on both sides of the interviewing table on countless occasions, both as a hungry job-seeker chasing that perfect career opportunity, or as a hiring manager looking to boost the skills and capability of my team by finding the ideal recruit.

Currently on a round of interviews to seek out a new vacancy in my team, I’ve been through at least fourteen interviews (I’ve been a bit picky..) thus far and have seen some good, and some not so good candidates… and interviews. I thought it might be worth sharing my own experiences of how I prepare for an interview and also some observations on what I like (and dislike) when talking to potential candidates.

Before we dive into my top ten interview tips, remember:

There is no such thing as being over-prepared for an interview, and in *most* circumstances, no excuse for being caught off-guard. The responsibility for nailing the interview sits with nobody other than YOU!

I really believe the “fail to prepare, prepare to fail” mantra applies here.

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