The Bluebeards Revenge Grooming Deluxe Gift Box; Review

We’ve covered a fair amount of style and grooming on the blog recently, from a review of the Secret Scent Box and Philips OneBlade to top tips covering office style and personal grooming; what we haven’t covered up until this point however is the more giftable element of the market, often a minefield of mass-market brands lobbing together their standard stodgy product in fancy cardboard packaging (often combining socks or a mug?) and charging a premium for the privilege.

Nobody – repeat nobody – wants the Lynx Africa gift set from Asda; this is where the good folks at The Bluebeards Revenge save the day.

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Top (simple) Grooming and Skincare Tips That Make a Difference

Panasonic ER-GB80 Multi-Groomer

You may have seen my recent post on style tips for the workplace; well, next up in my series of posts focusing on men’s style, grooming and body confidence is a piece sharing top grooming and skincare tips, this one in collaboration with Panasonic.

So, without further trepidation, here is my top male skincare and grooming tips…

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Philips OneBlade Review – the new way to trim, edge and shave?

Philips OneBlade Review trimmer shaver

As a chap who likes to rock a bit of stubble or even a beard from time to time, let me tell you – it’s a minefield finding a good trimmer that cuts the mustard, or in this instance, a bit of fuzz. Finding something good to help provide shape or tidy the edges of stubble or a beard is perhaps just as tricky.

As a long-term user of the BaByliss I-Stubble Trimmer, tipped as one of the better trimmers on the market, I’ve grown increasingly frustrated with patchy stubble and concluded that I was just going to have to settle and make do with disappointing results. However, a few months ago something caught my eye – no, not THAT cracking scene from Layer Cake with Sienna Miller* (although…!) – no, the good people at Philips launched a brand new grooming product, the Philips OneBlade. I threw caution to the wind and splashed out.

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