A review of Rocksalt Rooms and an unwanted introduction to Brian’s shaved testicals

When you travel for work as much as I do, you get used to a specific type of hotel room. It’s not the Ned, the Grosvenor or even the Fairmont. It’s a Travelodge, Premier / Holiday Inn or Best Western if you get lucky with the booking (although I have stayed in some properly dodge Best Western’s in my time, the one in Tiverton particularly stands out for all the wrong reasons – and the time I suffered through three days there is another, very specific, story). So it’s rare that I come across the odd one that I walk through the door and immediately call Mrs P. to say that I’ve found a cracker. But that’s what happened when I got to the Rocksalt Rooms and it always means we’ve got something special .

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Rocksalt, Folkestone – Review


It’s 2017 people and like it or not we’ve got a whole new year to look forward to, so it’s time to get up and get on in order to make the absolute most out of the coming twelve months. The period through the winter brings with it cosy warm feelings when you come in out of the cold, but also it’s time to recover after spanking the bank account into submission and adapt to a new you. And adapt we must because there will always be new challenges to face and food to eat; so tell our groaning belt buckles to be damned, let your ever-more frightened wallets know who’s boss and we will start 2017 with a restaurant review, when food is probably the absolute last thing you want to read about!

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