UE BOOM 2 Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker Review – Is it worth your money?

UE Boom 2 waterproof speaker review

Regular readers of TMAT, or even followers of RobsRibsMK or I on Twitter, will know that between us, we love our music.

I am a huge advocate of the Sonos Play:1, so much so that I convinced Rob to take the plunge; he now has enough Sonos speakers in his house to effectively host a Guns N Roses reunion tour (you may have seen his early review of the Sonos). Why am I sharing this? Because we love audio products here at Two Men About Town, particularly those that really gets away superior sound and strong beats to maximise great music*.

On the hunt for something portable and shower-proof, following a failed attempt with two cheap no-name bluetooth speakers that didn’t quite cut the mustard, I decided to take the plunge and ordered up the UE Boom 2. But how would it work out?

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How I learned to stop worrying and love Spotify

Spotify Premium review

I am not what you would call an early adopter. I am, in fact, the opposite of that person. I do love technology though and I used to spend hours messing about with the latest and greatest inventions, finding out how they work and working my way through all the intricacies. But as I’ve gotten older, my available time and hence my list of requirements from the technology that I use has grown shorter but more emphatic and it basically boils down to this: what ever it is should work and work easily. A fairly basic request you might think, but how many new devices or services have you plugged in or logged on to and realised that you have absolutely no idea how to do whatever it was that you bought it for in the first place?

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